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    Oh god, is Ted STILL asleep? What the heck, man? I'm just a narrator, the story's not about ME, I can't just keep covering for him like this. Why doesn't he...oh, wait...waaaiiiit....

    Oh that sneaky son of a bitch.

    It appears Ted woke up a little while ago, he just didn't open his eyes. I guess that's what happens when you're surrounded by an aura of calm.

    In his mind, Ted silently takes stock of the situation. What provisions did they have? What did they still need? What should the next step be?

    As if in answer to this last question, the voice returns over the waves. Leave this beach.

    Once again, Ted has his doubts about listening to the demands of a disembodied voice. But then again, this time it's delivering threats. It probably wouldn't be too wise to test his (its?) patience.

    Ted hears an angelic voice urging him. "Do wake up, Ted, it is time to move." Ah. So she wasn't a dream.

    "Eet might be dangerous, at least bring me eenstead of Dummkopf." Dummkopf? This is a new voice, one Ted hasn't heard before. He opens his eyes to see a new survivor. He recognizes her from the plane, but he didn't see her at all the day before. Who is this woman? Where did she come from? And, holy jesus, just how much of a person's body could POSSIBLY be scar tissue?

    And who, exactly, is she calling Dummkopf? Dieser Trottel muß Manieren lernen. Ted stands up to introduce himself.

    "I AM TED."

    "Хотите быть группа?"

    Ted turns to find Jim, our glorious leader, standing meekly by, struggling to speak in a language they could all understand. Ted silently curses himself--he knows four languages, why couldn't Russian be one of them?

    "Stitch?" says Jim at last. Ted understands immediately. Jim, not knowing English that well, has decided to refer to this new group member by a nickname lovingly given due to her many scars, after being unable to get her name. He has instructed Ted to stay with her today--new day, new buddy. Perhaps Jim saw how much it hurt Ted to be so close to Maria. How considerate! How noble!

    Ted creates an alliance with Nastalya in honor of the buddy system.

    Ted nods in acknowledgement of his orders. But, on further thought, he thinks it may be best if all four of them stick together. The buddy system is paramount, obviously, but there is also strength in numbers, and four is better than two. Plus, some of the others might not immediately recognize the greatness of Jim's communication skills and may not understand him as well.

    Jim seems to agree, as he hasn't wandered off with Maria yet. Ted accepts the alliance with Jim.

    Dang, this is starting to get just like the Goonies.

    It's too early to try to look Maria in the eyes to make an alliance with her. Ted doesn't like to handle emotions of that intensity until late morning, at least.
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    Drink juice: You accept the apple strawberry juice and drink it down. Yum!
    Shake Ted's shoulder: You give it a good shake. That outta do the trick.
    Go east: You follow the beach eastward. It seems to extend for a long while down, and the plains along with it. If you squint, you can sort of see something, far in the distance...

    Run north: You run north, the edge of the woods to your west. You can sort of see something in the distance, north and just east of you.
    You have received 1 tbsp of Kraft Miracle Whip.

    Draw chalk arrow: You use your new chalk to draw a nice chalk arrow.
    Head north: You head north along the trail and eventually arrive at the cleaning. Just off the side of the path, you find a large, strange machine. It hums with electricity, though it doesn't seem to have any source of power. The base of the machine is about as wide as you are tall, and has two smaller platforms on its top. The side of the machine has a series of pictures depicting a fork and a spoon, and then a spork. It has what appears to be a coin slot, with the number 2 above it.
    You have received 2 pieces Perdue baked chicken breast strip.

    No actions taken
    You have received 1 Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection beef pot roast meal.

    Create alliance with Maria: You offer an alliance and await a response...
    Create alliance with Ted: You offer an alliance and await a response...
    Follow Maria and/or Ted: You follow eastward.

    Follow Nicki: You move back to where you were before, and eventually catch up to Nicki at the strange clearing.
    Take a torch: You try to bring a smouldering brach, but a harsh breeze puts it out.
    Look for symbols: You spot Nicki's arrow along the way. It keeps you from getting lost.

    Introduce self: You stand, and make a beautiful introduction.
    Create alliance with Nastalya: You offer an alliance and await a response...
    Accept alliance with Jim: You accept Jim's alliance. You suddenly feel connected somehow, and may find, should the need arise, that you can send each other thoughts across long distances. That will surely come in handy.

    The Voice seems to be satisfied, for now. It is now early morning.

    Camera (with 1 roll of film), superglue (4 uses), book of matches (19 uses), 170g Beech-Nut Homestyle Stage 3 Cinnamon Raisin Granola, 8 fl oz Swiss Premium orange lemon splash juice drink
    8 coins

    Pail, drinking straw 1 Burger King Rodeo Cheeseburger
    5 coins

    Whip, washcloth, box of chalk, 5 cherries, 15 pieces Herr's buffalo blue cheese curls, 2 pieces Perdue baked chicken breast strip
    0 coins

    Craft book (some pages missing)
    6 coins

    Laser pointer, joke book, 1 tbsp Kraft Miracle Whip
    5 coins

    Wedding band, spoon, pocketknife, rock, scissors, football, .5 cups Nature's Promise vanilla almond granola.
    6 coins

    71g Gerber Nature Select first foods apples, 1 Archway soft oatmeal cookie, 5 Ruffles reduced fat potato chips, 1 Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection beef pot roast meal
    5 coins
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    Maria turns around to look at the scarred lady but sees more worry than animosity in her face even with her harsh language. Maria nods at the young woman to create an alliance with her, "Please do come along then. I believe I saw something out there in the east."

    Maria also accept the alliance with Jim and motions him to come along as well. Poor Ted seems to be avoiding her eyes for some reason but she decides to leave him be for now. He does seem to be quite energetic otherwise.

    Maria continues her way eastwards.
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    The Cardinal notices one tablespoon of Kraft™ Miracle Whip on a nearby rock. He recognizes what it is instantly.

    (day at last. forest should be safe from skeletons now.)

    (haven't slept all night. must get some rest soon to retain sanity.)

    The Cardinal bends down and licks the Kraft™ Miracle Whip off the rock.

    (seeing something in the distance. best to check.)

    "Birds, scout ahead!" yells the Cardinal, pointing to whatever it is he sees in the distance. He grabs a pigeon and throws it as far as he can. The bird immediately turns around and flies back to his breadcrumb cap. The Cardinal ignores this and walks towards the thing in the distance.
  5. You hear footsteps behind you and turn to see that Trace has reappeared. He didn't have any fire with him, which was annoying, but you could probably backtrack and find it later.

    "Oh, there you are."

    You point at the strange machine.

    "Hey have you gotten any, uh, coins since coming here? This machine says it takes them. For what I don' know though. I'd put in some myself, but I recently used them to get this."
    You hold up the chalk. After a moment you shake your head, looking perplexed.

    "The whole concept is weird. I just thought about buying something and my coins disappeared...anyway, let's give this thing a shot."
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    Ok, who is THIS uncouth fellow. Whatever. Nastalya accepts his alliance, and moves to the East with Maria. As she moves, she scans everything nearby, not just for people and things, but for possible places to hide in cover and escape routes in case things go south
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    You're not certain why but you now feel a strange connection to Ted and Maria.
    As you continue eastward with them, you try to take another photo of the three and your surroundings to both learn the landscape and to be able to refer back to later to see where you've been in case you get lost.

    You continue to keep an eye out for anything else that can be used as medical supplies. This terrain is a lot rougher than the beach, you can only imagine what kind of injuries may occur.

    You also realize that the stress of this entire ordeal has suppressed your appetite. You grab your granola bar out of your pocket and offer half to Ted. Poor guy looks like he could use a bite.
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    > Thinking about something and having it happen? Well, you've already had some weird expeirences on this Island to begin with.

    In any case, after you take a quick look over the machine, you develop a theory as to what it might do. And, being a Gambler, you know that the safest Initial Bet to make is the Smallest one. With a quick "Good idea, but let me test something first", you 1) Tear a page from your Craft Book in half, 2) Put one half onto each of the platforms at the top of the machine and 3) Proceed to place two of your Coins into the slot of the machine.

    You don't want to spend too much time screwing around with this machine, but if this test is successful then Nikki has just discovered something extremely useful...
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    With a shelter having been built and a spooky, spooky voice threatening them, Ted supposes it's time to explore the island and moves eastward with the others.


    Oh. It seems Ted hasn't eaten in a while. A shame he ate that entire ham hock on the plane. A little foresight would have ensured...but no, it's no use dwelling on the past. Ted begins to keep a lookout for food.

    Suddenly, as if in answer to all his worries, a familiar smell begins to waft from his inventory to his nostrils...the undeniable aroma of beef and onion rings...

    No. We're not doing this again. It was a good bit, funny while it lasted, but it's over now. Done. Ted is NOT going to eat a burger he found in the ocean.

    Ted considers asking the young athletic girl for some of those cherries he saw her picking earlier, but he decides she needs them more than he does. (The fact that she's not around at the moment doesn't really seem relevant.)

    Wait, what's that? There's something buried in the sand. Ted bends over, and with a little excavation reveals...reveals...

    Huh. What the hell is this?

    It's...like a little tube? About the size and shape of a pencil, but it's completely hollow and open at both ends. Mostly white but with two thin red stripes running down each side. Definitely man-made. Could...could this be food?

    No, Ted is pretty sure this thing is not a food. But what could it BE? Perhaps...no...it COULDN'T be...unless...

    Were the legends true?

    Did Cortez REALLY find the Golden Dragon that the Ancient Ones spoke of? Did he TRULY ride with it to Mars on a bitchin' tricked-out motorbike? And, once there...did they ACTUALLY form the Covenant of the Radish, ensuring once and for all that all meatballs would finally have a chance to corncob in peace with dumpling grapefruit pizza bagel?

    The Holy Instrument proves that it's all more than a hunger-induced hallucination. Ted purses his lips and prepares to play the Song of Summoning.

    That is, until Jim interrupts with an offer of half of a granola bar.

    Ted gratefully accepts the given rations. He chews slowly, savoring it. There is no greater spice in the world than hunger, and for a moment, there is nothing else IN the world, save for Ted and this manna from Heaven. Ted has never felt something so magical since he was a child.

    The granola bar is surprisingly filling, and Ted's hysteria begins to drift away. He takes a look at the plastic drinking straw he found in the sand. Was...was he about to put his lips on that? Gross.

    Still, you never know what might be useful on a small island. Ted rinses out the straw in the water in an attempt to clean it.

    Meanwhile, everyone else seems to be moving east. Ted tries to keep up, if only to keep an eye on his new buddy. She smells like trouble (and beef pot roast, for some reason).

    Instead of working, I drew this map of what I'm pretty sure Ted thinks the island looks like so far

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    Offer alliance with Nastalya: You do so.
    Accept alliance with Jim: You do so as well. You will find, like Jim and Ted will, that you can now communicate from great distances. (You cannot, however, communicate this way with Ted, as you two do not have an alliance.)
    Continue eastward: You plod further through the sand, and the distant object begins to come into view. It appears to be some sort of chest or box, and it's not too far off now.
    You have received 8 fl oz no sugar added pomegranate cherry juice.

    Go towards thing: You walk on and arrive at a strange machine identical to the one found by Nicki (though you, of course, have no way of knowing that). There is a dirt path extending eastward from the machine. Far to the northeast you can see some sort of large building.
    You have received 5 oz Sweet Baby Ray's sliced seasoned pork shoulder with sauce.

    No actions taken.
    You have received 8 fl oz peach lemonade.

    Accept alliance with Ted: You do so. You can now communicate across long distances, etc., etc.
    Head east: You do this, though you're lagging a bit behind Maria.
    Keep an eye out: You find a toy soldier buried in the sand. Not much else, though, save for the box or chest far in the distance.

    I'll just cut to the chase and say that you failed. At everything. Good job. (You are, however, keeping up with Maria and you, too, begin to see the box ahead.)
    You do get 1 coin, though. Don't spend it all in one place.

    Transmute: As your second coin slides into the machine, the machine begins to hum louder, and the two platforms withdraw into the machine. A few seconds later, a platform arises from the center, bearing not just a page, but an entirely new craft book.
    You have received 2 grams garlic and herb salad dressing mix.

    Rinse straw: You rinse out the straw and it looks good as new.
    Try to keep up: You manage to keep up with Nastalya, and you both lag behind Jim and Maria.

    New turn order:

    Camera (with 1 roll of film), superglue (4 uses), book of matches (19 uses), 85g Beech-Nut Homestyle Stage 3 Cinnamon Raisin Granola, 8 fl oz Swiss Premium orange lemon splash juice drink
    9 coins
    Current alliances: Ted, Maria

    Pail, drinking straw 1 Burger King Rodeo Cheeseburger
    5 coins
    Current alliances: Jim, Nastalya

    Whip, washcloth, box of chalk, 5 cherries, 15 pieces Herr's buffalo blue cheese curls, 2 pieces Perdue baked chicken breast strip, 8 fl oz peach lemonade
    0 coins

    Craft book (some pages missing), craft book, 2 grams garlic and herb salad dressing mix
    4 coins

    Laser pointer, joke book, 5 oz Sweet Baby Ray's sliced seasoned pork shoulder with sauce
    5 coins

    Wedding band, spoon, pocketknife, rock, scissors, football, .5 cups Nature's Promise vanilla almond granola, 8 fl oz no sugar added pomegranate cherry juice
    6 coins
    Current alliances: Jim

    71g Gerber Nature Select first foods apples, 1 Archway soft oatmeal cookie, 5 Ruffles reduced fat potato chips, 1 Lean Cuisine Culinary Collection beef pot roast meal
    5 coins
    Current alliances: Ted
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    ((Before I make my post, would Maria's thoughts be translated for Jim (and vice versa) when communicating remotely?))
  12. inexpediency

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    ((That's entirely up to the two of you.))
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    (( Iiiinteresting! I'll let Ginger decide, since I hadn't even considered it. ))
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    kind of ruins your character's gimmick a little if she can understand you, I think
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    ((Well too bad. I'm doing it. ;I))

    Maria staggers for a moment and stops walking. She can suddenly feel the presence of the young foreign man. Like it's the most familiar thing. She looks around quickly and her emotions flare up from confusion to a spike of fear and worry and she feels them getting broadcast straight to the poor boy. "Oh dear goodness", she thinks to herself, still broadcasting her mind, emotions, and meaning of her words openly at him.

    Maria closes her eyes and forces her to slow her breathing rhythm, "Seven seconds in, eleven seconds out... Seven in... Eleven out.." She can still feel him behind her but the connection isn't quite as vivid anymore. Worried and mildly afraid that the lack of calm would be gone from her face she doesn't turn around and forces herself to keep walking ahead.

    Maria focuses on looking at her surroundings and tries to keep the worrying new feeling away as she continues towards what looks like a chest ahead.
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    You slow down a moment and attempt to share you granola bar once again with Ted.
    You can't figure out how you could have possibly screwed that up the first time, maybe it has something to do with this terrible ringing in your ears that you've had since you decided to stick with Ted and the older woma-
    A wave of nausea hits you as you make eye contact with Ted and you suddenly you find yourself craving ham like never before. You look away quickly but catch the eye of Maria before being overwhelmed by the sensation of missing your children.
    You don't even like ham that much, and you don't have any children. Images flood you mind of places you've never been, people you've never met and experiences you've never had.

    You try to get a hold of yourself. You try to think of Omsk and the hospital you work in, you think about your apartment and your terrible cat and about Zakhar...but trying to hold on to one of these thoughts is like trying to hold running water.

    You can feel the pressure building behind your eyes and just when it reaches the point where you don't think you could possibly stand it a moment longer-
    It's gone.
    You wipe the blood away from your nose and carefully look up at the others. The ringing returns, but it's much softer than before. Then, almost like a mosquito buzzing in your ear, you faintly hear what could be words. You concentrate as hard as you can on the sound even though doing so feels like someone slowly stabbing a needle up the base of your neck.
    "Oh dear goodness."
    That sounded like the woman's voice, and you understood it! You look up at her again but she seems panicked. Was that really her voice echoing through your head, like the other voice from the beach or are you just suffering from auditory hallucinations? If she can speak to you this way, can you respond in kind? You decide not to try it right now, just in case it's as painful for her as it is for you.
    Still, you can't help but feel a slight rush of excitement knowing you have some means of communicating with the others, even if it is just for emergencies.
    Especially since it seems everyone thinks in Russian.
    To be fair, you always secretly assumed that was the case anyway.

    You laugh a little to yourself, partially out of embarrassment from your own reaction and the ridiculousness of the entire situation. You walk a bit ahead, approaching the chest and examining it
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    Because apparently the part where he ate it last time NEVER HAPPENED, Ted tries once again to eat the granola that Jim has offered to him a second time. Maybe.

    As Jim makes eye contact, suddenly what feels like a powerful force knocks Ted onto his knees. His brain overloads with flashes...memories not his own...foreign emotions...

    Cryllic letters. Unintelligible shouting. Fear. An overwhelming sense of pure, raw confusion.

    Ted shuts his eyes and grabs onto his head. Is...is some unseen force somehow probing his mind? That shouldn't be possible! THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THE BUCKET!!

    Ted opens his eyes to turn pleadingly to his buddy, hoping that somehow, she can help. But before he can say anything, a second wave washes over his mind...

    More shouting. German this time. Pain. Adrenaline. Paranoia. A very distinct urge to kick an alien in the face.


    The images and emotions begin to fade. The experience could have broken lesser men, but fortunately, Ted is strong and resilient. Rationality prevails in such dire moments.

    Screaming at the top of his lungs, Ted runs in a random direction and punches the first thing he sees.
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    Nastalya first reacts in befuddlement when her Dummkopf appears to have a mental breakdown, followed by absolute shock when the crazy man punches Jim in the face. Nastalya's instincts jump in as she leaps on Ted to restrain him, pinning his arm behind his head. "Vhat are you doeeng!?!? Hafe you gone eensane?"
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    ((spoiler alert jim is gettin punched))
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