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  1. inexpediency

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    ((So this has obviously slowed down, but I won't start bugging people about it until after the holidays are over. Then I will start bugging everyone.))
  2. Triangle Man

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    ((Right. I just realized that I could take my turn all along, so it's on Sira and Vark (I think) to take there turns. I'll be back to make my own post in a little while, I suppose.))
  3. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    ((Sorry for putting this off so long. :/))

    >In the lead, going in the direction you want, no danger in your path... Well, the Strange Man is telling bad jokes, of course, and continues to be unreadable, and Ms. Durante has gone strangely silent, but that aside things are going your way! You decide to 1) Keep going forwards and 2) Continue to search for threats/treasures._

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