Webcomics Thread: Because Ink Stinks

Discussion in 'Pop Culture' started by biggs hoson, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    1) There are so many things wrong with this sentence I don't know where to begin.

    I mean, do we criticize the fact that he's trying to jam 'Cerberus Syndrome' where it doesn't really belong, or do we talk about the sexism and pure cliche'd-ness of using a female character's death as motivation for a male character in the first place.

    (And yes, I know you're being sarcastic, but...)

    2) I can tell that he's trying to make this depressing and dramatic, but something about those CAD panels just feels...off...

    Also, who here has read this guy's stuff?
  2. Maydame

    Maydame (ノಥಿ ೪ಥ)ノ*:・゚✧

    hes been drawing cad for 10 years as of this month and their eyes are still at the top of their heads
  3. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    that video was GOOD, may dam
  4. Maydame

    Maydame (ノಥಿ ೪ಥ)ノ*:・゚✧

  5. Maydame

    Maydame (ノಥಿ ೪ಥ)ノ*:・゚✧


    OH MY GOD......................
  6. Nopad

    Nopad Guest

    is it all over? what was any of that

    yeah, the art looks worse since the last time i saw it
  7. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Apparently he's going to reboot the comic and change it back into some sort of 'gamer/pop culture' comic or something like that.

    Good for him, I guess...
  8. lovelyAssistant

    lovelyAssistant Made of language

    Wait Ctrl+Alt+Del is still a thing? o-o

    I honestly didn't realize it was still running.
  9. ky

    ky comfort eagle

  10. Maydame

    Maydame (ノಥಿ ೪ಥ)ノ*:・゚✧

  11. biggs hoson

    biggs hoson ghosts need love too

    Helvetica is back I am pleased.
  12. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    ectocal's current read list
    Questionable Content
    Sam & Fuzzy
    Monster Pulse
    Gunnerkrigg Court
    Something Positive
    Girls with Slingshots
    Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
    Cucumber Quest
    Kiwi Blitz

    If you are looking for good new comics, there may be some here you haven't heard of. Also if you know any good ones that I don't have here that I should be reading tell me please
  13. biggs hoson

    biggs hoson ghosts need love too

  14. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    Reading Johnny Wander/Lucky Penny

    The guy named his car Ophelia

    It just fell into a lake
  15. gingerale

    gingerale Dread Pirate

    Yup, it's pretty wonderful. ♥
  16. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    I'm actually kind of ashamed about how long it took me to get it

    I had to have it pointed out to me

    After I read Walter quoting Shakespeare
  17. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    I like Lucky Penny, but I admit I haven't fallen in love with it yet. The art is really fun and the characters seem nice enough, but I think maybe I'm hoping it will get a bit more substance in the future. Right now it just seems pretty shallow and like it doesn't really know where it's going.
    Which can be perfectly fun, but I have a hard time getting invested in.
  18. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster


    Back: by KC Green and Anthony Clark. These guys are responsible for dickbutt and nedroid, respectively, so even though there's not much of it yet, you know Back is gonna be pretty good

    Demon Street: Didn't know this existed until the guy who makes Paranatural tweeted about it. It's been running for a little over a year and a little over 90 pages. Has some pretty good art.
  19. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    ...Lucky Penny is over. Last page went up today.

  20. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    You know I had my doubts about Lucky Penny but I have to say that overall I liked it, even if the art got a bit confusing at times and I really wasn't certain what was happening.

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