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Discussion in 'The Arts' started by inexpediency, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    I haven't arted for quite some time, but today I had the urges.

    Basic linework done in pencil. Don't even have a scanner. I had to use my cell phone to take a picture of it before I could do any digital work on it

    Linework traced and colored. Some of the corners look off, and I was going to fix em, but eh

    Colors replaced with textures (with and without background texture)

    I'm not completely satisfied with it; the textured versions are too pixelated and I wish I had noticed that red dot on her shoe.

    As I was typing this I made a version where I removed her hand. I can't decide which one I like better.
  2. canoe

    canoe never odd or even

    Had a boring 8-5 day today but LUCKILY classes are officially over so I didn't have to pay attention! Yay! I drew a couple pictures but this one was my favourite
    A lady who wears a lot of masks. Sorry for bad picture quality.

    I don't really make up OC's but I really like her so I came up with a backstory for her but it's kind of really sad so I sort of want to make a happier one?
    She comes from a village where everyone is born with a different flat mask and upon reaching adulthood receive an animal mask. Masks are a Big Deal. When she was young, her parents died in a fire and the rest of the village began to associate her with the grim reaper. She lives alone and generally avoids people but when someone dies, the village gives that person's mask to her. Inside her hut, there is a wall just filled with masks.
  3. Oh wow I would love to see her in a story or something O: she sounds interesting and looks really cool :D!
  4. ky

    ky comfort eagle

    OH WOW A CANOODLE wow i really like that story tho
  5. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Holy Crap, that is great.

    ...Perhaps you should see if you can spin a short story out of this, Canoe?
  6. canoe

    canoe never odd or even

    Ahh you guys are too great <3
    Here is another picture of her while I was experimenting with lighting. I was going to draw a bunch of masks behind her but I ran out of time.
    I kind of want to draw a short story with her, but it'll have to wait another 1+ month when my board exams are done. The past few days have just been luckily filled with mandatory boring lectures.
  7. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Oh hell, why does this thread never tell me when someone posts in it?
    Those are wonderful sketches, Canoe, and the story is both interesting and quite sad!
  8. canoe

    canoe never odd or even

    Whoa I found an awesome new drawing site called ScribblerToo and tested it out by drawing Ezra Koenig, the lead singer of Vampire Weekend. In a way, it would be a stretch to say that Ezra Koenig is my celebrity crush, but in another, much more accurate way, it would not be a stretch at all to say that Ezra Koenig is my celebrity crush.
    Ezra Koenig!! I love his crazy eyes and his hipster hair and his honkin nose and just how SERIOUS he looks ALL THE TIME even though his band is VAMPIRE WEEKEND.

    Anyway: The site is pretty fun and interesting but it is much more finicky than MS Paint. It also doesn't have zoom or an eraser function, so I might stick to Paint.
  9. Draga

    Draga Cat Scratch Fever

    For some reason, the first thing I thought of when I saw that picture was JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  10. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Haha I just tried to use that program but there's a bit of lag due to my shitty internet connection which makes it frustrating to use, especially since you can't erase lines. I made some sweet shapes, and I can definitly see the appeal, but I'm not sure I can get much out of it, haha. I'll try again in a bit though!
    Yours looks great though, canoe!
  11. canoe

    canoe never odd or even

    Draga, I don't know what that is, but if it involves cute boys with goofy hair, then I will probably be all about it

    Almond, haha when I was using it, I was actually sort of hoping you'd give it a try since your lines are so perfect! Lag was pretty annoying for me too (it froze up my entire browser a couple times) and the program itself is definitely way more frustrating than necessary, but I suppose its appeal to me is that I get some organic line quality that I otherwise couldn't using a mouse on MS Paint or photoshop.
  12. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Well I can't say no to you!

    I just drew this off of an existing picture of Spiderman swinging so that I wouldn't have to worry about mussing the whole thing up with construction lines.
    I still used my tablet, so it was probably a bit easier for me, but it was still a bit laggy.


    It was quite fun, even if Spidy came out of it with a lumpy head, haha!
  13. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Agreeing with Draga's assessment, although I'm not sure if JJBA is quite up your alley, Canoe.

    In any case, that's a sweet pic you drew there!

    And AH, that's a cool pic of Spider-Man, even with his weird potato-shaped head!
  14. canoe

    canoe never odd or even

    Yess man that is so great. Trust you to get such clean lines from that thing.
    I noticed that my curves were coming out a little geometric, no matter how hard I tried, so another reason I wanted you to draw something was because if you couldn't get a nice smooth shape, then it must just be the program. Thanks for indulging me through the lag <3

    I don't have much time for new things anyway but if you think JJBA isn't my cup of tea TriGuy I'll trust you and continue not knowing what that is.
  15. sometiems I get really tired and super sad and realize I have no future to look forward to currently outside of Pokemon X/Y coming out, I decided that whenever I feel like shit I'm going to draw some shape and turn it into a cute critter

    here is today's result:


    bonus round - a touhou character as above critter
  16. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    That's incredibly friggin adorable.

    Very nice job!
  17. [​IMG]

    also I totally forgot that was a thing I said I was gonna do so I ended up not doing that whoops.

    here's a doodle of a somewhat familiar face. tweaked her design and plan on redoing her sprites because cripes :I
  18. Holly

    Holly Guest

    I finally installed my tablet (and Paint Tool SAI) on my laptop! Celebrated by drawing my OCs Taylor and Taylor~

    spoiler because it might be big? depends on your screen I guess~
    umm the spoiler button gives me the STRIKE code is it supposed to do that....
  19. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Holy Crap, that looks good, Holly. Could you tell us more about your Characters, please? :)
  20. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Holly, that is super cute! Also, yes...I messed up the icons a bit on our posting thingies I'm afraid and never fixed it for fear of breaking it further. There used to be a second SHHH button to actually go with the spoilers, that seems to have been lost to the ether though...
    Hmm...maybe I'll take a crack at that this weekend.

    But yes, your characters are adorable! I love her haircut!

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