the things that make you happy/are totally rad thread

Discussion in 'Sodom' started by inexpediency, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. inexpediency

    inexpediency Ruler of this [CHAT]

    What makes you happy?

    What makes you PUMPED UP??

    Sometimes life is :sun:TOTALLY RAD!:sun:

    So talk about it in here!


    anyone who posts in here without the proper enthusiasm levels will be reported to the authorities
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  2. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    I've had pho four days in a row \m/
  3. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class


    for some reason I was really chipper during part 2 of hospital study, which was pretty much an interview with me.
  4. He said fully erect

    He said fully erect /kill self

    pho owns

    you could even say that phowns

    but dont because i just did and it turns out it's really stupid sounding, arent you glad you can learn from my examples?

    When I was a kid my family lived in Maryland and there was this completely awesome pho place nearby that was really fast and cheap but also had fantastic food.

    There's a Vietnamese restaurant near where we live now and it has pho but it's not as good and also is way more expensive ;-;

    I'm happy because I'm getting pretty close to done with this stupid editing job and then I'll have some money to start spending frivolously

  5. Draga

    Draga Cat Scratch Fever

    This song makes me want to kick sadness in the nards and shout "FUCK YES LIFE IS AWESOME AND SO AM I!"
  6. Dr.DMX

    Dr.DMX Rockin' In The Free World



  7. biggs hoson

    biggs hoson ghosts need love too

    I am back in my own house.

    Good vacation but.


  8. MadameSB

    MadameSB Hot blooded

  9. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Hmm. That's kind of mean. I don't really agree with anyone in this case, because I think the guys trashing it are jerks but also think that Terrastuck is probably not very good. I haven't read it though, so I'm not really qualified to pass judgement.

    Basically I think that being complete assholes to people who are sincerely enjoying themselves and not hurting anyone is completely despicable.

    Oh well.
  10. MadameSB

    MadameSB Hot blooded

    In my opinion what I did was great justice.
    You don't have to agree with it, but you have need to judge me about it silently (Read as: in a post saying you won't judge when you pretty much are).
    Unless that was meant to be ironic!

    Still partying personally~

    e: think I misread~
    Still, I'm not despicable, just know garbage when I see it.
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  11. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

    running is awesome and also the worst thing ever


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  12. Draga

    Draga Cat Scratch Fever

    I completed Disgaea earlier!

    Fuck yeah!
  13. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Yeah, sorry, what I meant was that I haven't read Terrastuck so I can't say anything good or bad about it, but it's not something that I would care to read anyways because of the premise.

    I just don't see the point in getting after people for liking/making something unless it is actually affecting you in some way. Ignoring it works just as well and you don't come off as a jerk. But if that's what you want to do, go nuts I guess.

    @Draga: :D :D

    That is pretty rad indeed!
  14. Here's what pumps me up

    - Poignant romance stories. Ordinary romance just won't cut it there has to be some ridiculous thing that puts them together.

    - Cool as fuck matchups. Preferably with illustrations. Bonus points if one of them invovles a lot of awesome colours.

    - Stories about near impossible feats.

    - And uhhhh do I have anything here that isn't related to literature huh I guess not oh wait rollercoasters. Oh gog rollercoasters.
  15. ky

    ky comfort eagle

  16. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    I have to agree.
    What if a whole group of MSPA'ers found this forum offensive and did the same thing to us?
    Also, it's not locked. And I went into to see what all this was about I have to ask:

    You're proud of this? And you're going to follow an RP you purposely tried to stir up shit in and get shut down?
    And you want to be a mod someday?
    I'm not picking a fight with you, I'm not arguing your behavior, but I think a little personal reflection on your actions and how they may be perceived versus your intent, may be in order. To me, this is extremely immature and unwelcome.
    I don't really like Terrastuck or what it's done either, but the mods have deemed it acceptable so it's not your place to say otherwise.
    You don't like it? Don't read it.
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  17. MysteryJack

    MysteryJack Guest

    That whole thing that happened there just made me unhappy in general.

    I mean, I was sort of going to participate in that thing, but now I'm not sure I even want to because I feel like I'm being judged for participating in what amounts to a silly and yes, maybe kind of stupid RP thread and hurrrrrrrrrrgh.

    So yeah, that whole thing sucked.

    That doesn't make me happy.

    You know what does make me happy?


    This makes me happy.

    Wow, why did I even post about all that?

    I just feel even more stupid and lame.
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  18. MadameSB

    MadameSB Hot blooded

    Not at this point.
    I've honestly stopped caring.

    This line in particular sticks out there AH, I can see why its immature and all that.
    At the time I was caught up in the moment, and given the opportunity?
    I'd probably do it again.
    If I was a mod I would've locked that Terrastuck thread ages ago.
    Too bad I'm not.
    And I'm also jailed, but again
    i don't care.

    In other, more thread related news
    (Because this isn't the saying you're not judging when you really are thread!)
    First half day back wasn't bad!
    And friends in most of my classes.
    Seems like this school year will be nice.
  19. Traikan

    Traikan I have scales



  20. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    The point of that line is that you would be proud of baiting people to fight, and stalking a thread you hate, and you want to be in a position of power.
    None of this adds up very well, and if you ever want to be in a position of authority, you should probably reflect on your actions.

    I'm sorry, did I ever say I wasn't judging? I said I wasn't picking a fight with your, or that I was arguing your behavior, but I never once said I wasn't judging.
    I'm always judging. Not harshly and not always seriously, but of course I'm going to judge you on what you say on here and in any threads, I don't have any other way to get to know you guys. I would assume I'm be judged the same way, it only makes sense. And yeah, if you announce that shutting down other people's fun brings you joy, of course that's going to reflect on you as a forumite.
    Maybe it will reflect well if people agree, or negatively if they disagree, but it will reflect.

    My happy joy joy?
    My sister is here and so far, we're having a BLAST!

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