the "mild annoyances" thread

Discussion in 'Sodom' started by inexpediency, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Triangle Man

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    @ NaP - Final Fantasy seems like some of those things that you get in trouble for saying that you don't like rather than that you like it. Also it sucks that you have the same sort of problem. :/

    But anyways -

    @ AH - Okay, this is somewhat different. If it's conditioning, then you could possibly re-condition it somehow? I'm honestly not sure, but in any case, screw that neckbeard dude for shaming your burgeoning love of comics so long ago.

    @ Gingy - Guess the government assistance programs also have a Catch to them. Good luck in winning the extension for the debt payments, among other things.
  2. Almost Human

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    Yeah it's one thing I never understood about snobby clerks, especially when it's a small business. Why wouldn't you want to encourage people to come in and spend rather than scare them off because you're insecure and want to act like a gatekeeper to all things nerdy? Ah well. I would have loved to have made that argument as a kid but that time has long passed

    Ugh yeah sounds like we're in a similar boat. Mine only crops up with very select topics since I'm pretty good at squinting my eyes and asking why the hell someone would get defensive about me not liking the game they like or the youtuber they listen to these days, but man, I wish I could just be over your shoulder pushing back with you at the people that make you feel that way. :(

    Hey same to you! At least I only had to face mine down on occasions, you had your bully nipping at your heels every day :( I did have guys later in life (when I was in college quite a few of them) who would challenge me on my nerdy shit and quiz me to try and humiliate me but by that point it had all built into a boiling rage and I could just tell people to back off when they started grilling me.
    The weird part is that their quizzes were always about the comics and games they liked, and they didn't see the hypocrisy when they couldn't answer questions about the ones I liked.
    Thankfully that attitude seems to be winding down a bit. or maybe it just seems that way to me because I'm hanging out with an older crowd? Hard to say.
    Either way I hope you find a way to work around your anxiety, I'll letcha know if I ever find out how to fight mine properly.

    Try telling someone you like FF8 or FFX-2.
    It will NOT go over well.

    Haha thanks, but I dunno if it's something that can be just undone. It may be something worth tackling at some point in my life but until then I'll probably just wait until Deadpool kind of stops being a thing again and I can pretend it doesn't affect me.
  3. NotAPumpkin

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    I wish I had a dedicated person I could tell when I feel like absolute shit, but I don't so I'm gonna say it here, go to bed, and feel like a fuckup later
  4. inexpediency

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  5. NotAPumpkin

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    I feel better today, I think I'm just on a bit of a depressive downer.

    I keep feeling like I'm tearing up for no reason in the middle of conversations, which is really annoying.
  6. Almost Human

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    Aw buddy I'm sorry to hear that. I know it's not the same but I'm always here to talk if you need an ear. I hope you feel better soon.
  7. NotAPumpkin

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    Aww man, I appreciate that so's always been this big issue though because it has absolutely nothing to do with how much I like or trust somebody and everything to do with how they respond. And I feel kinda bad about it because everybody just wants to help :\

    The burden of people's sympathy is way too much for me to handle when I'm down in the dumps. My parents or my girlfriend going "oh no are you okay is there anything I can do" when the answers are "definitely not" and "no" respectively is horribly anxiety-inducing. Talking to someone who has no concept of how bad of a go I'm having when I say I'm having a bad day is just as bad because they brush it off and I don't have the ability to press the issue.

    There's been approximately three times in my life I can think of where people responded to me being in a really bad way that actually felt helpful, and in two of the cases I would hardly consider myself close to those people.

    I guess I really just need to be able to talk about it without a bunch of emotional jimjam? Being emotional is exhausting. Also my brain is entirely irrational so being able to talk about it in an analytical perspective is rad. Kind gestures to distract me go a loooong way. Talking about subjects that are neutral and enjoyable are great. I'm not really sure how to describe it? Not invalidating the fact that I'm feeling like shit but not making it out like some really tragic thing is going on? SHRUG

    Anyway I've been hiding in the house a lot the last few days, sigh
  8. Almost Human

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    What you're saying makes perfect sense and pretty much describes exactly what a psychiatrist does (at least from what I've heard) and considering how many people use them I'd say it's probably what a lot of people prefer.

    I've never really liked talking outloud about my problems, I find it tends to make me feel worse, so I get exactly what you mean about it being draining. If it helps at all I hope you don't feel guilty about wanting to find a different kind of help (different from an emotional shoulder to cry on, I mean). Everyone deals in different ways and yours is no less valid than the person who angrily rants for five minutes and feels better, or the person who just needs someone to react emotionally and tell them it's okay. In fact, of those three examples yours makes the most sense, haha!

    Sorry if this response seems a bit out of sorts. I just got home and my brain is a little loopy.
  9. Xenothral

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    Sure would be cool if I could sleep before 2 am. I wonder what it's like. Must be nice.
  10. inexpediency

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    got my second grad school rejection yesterday but i managed to keep myself safely in the "bummed out" zone instead of landing in "total meltdown" like i did last time so that's something
  11. Almost Human

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    Sorry I haven't been around much guys, I've been pretty sick this week but determined not to miss anymore work. Hopefully I'll feel better once my body adjusts to this new dose of meds.
    Sorry again :(
  12. NotAPumpkin

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    I don't think that's something you should have to apologize for haha...but that sucks a lot. It's all part of a magical journey that may eventually lead to the elusive state of "all right".

    Don't push yourself too much!
  13. NotAPumpkin

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    tfw you've been sort of feeling better but then you abruptly feel bad again

    edit: Also, I think I might have lost my cell phone??? Whoops.
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  14. Almost Human

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    Oh no! Both those things are terrible! I'm finally getting back on track but still feel far behind in things. Gotta make another doctors appointment, another clinic appointment, fill out the census, start back up on my webpage and get active again in this fora! It's actually not that much to do, but it feels like a lot, haha.
    Sorry to complain, I hope you feel better soon!
  15. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker


    actually does sound like a lot.

    Well, maybe that's saying more about me than you haha. I think we're all in the complain boat today, but hopefully skies are clear ahead. Good luck!

    Plus I got my cellphone mysteriously managed to find its way under the rug in the driver seat of my parent's car??? Hmm.
  16. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    That's awesome! I hope it had a whole adventure like the brave little toaster!
    I got really excited one evening about doing some webpage stuff aaaaand ended up obsessively downloading fonts for hours, haha. I think I may be the worst.
  17. Almost Human

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    Anyone else REALLY sick of explaining to people why there doesn't need to be a "Straight Pride Parade"?
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  18. Blank_

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  19. Almost Human

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    Bleeegh I just hard the starting of a cold but now it's a full blown illness. I've lost my voice and my brain is dizzy. This suuucks
  20. ectocal

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    oh man. i think im starting to come down with the same thing.

    throat was scratchy all day. that's how it starts, says the person i caught this from

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