The Broken Door.

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  1. Varkarrus

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    "I suppose I don't have any bandages. Sorry"

    Quickly shifting through a variety of forms, most notably Deviled, the assailants, one of the dancers, and back to normal, Sue notes that all her forms maintain the same cut on her arm.

    "Crap. This is gonna make it hard to disguise properly."

    So I take it there's multiple pairs on each team? Because I'm pretty sure I didn't kill someone else's character.
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    Mana nods. "Guess so, Joe," she says with a smile, putting away the ukulele for the time being. She glances around the lavishly-decorated lobby.

    "I don't suppose you know which way to go, huh?"
  3. DevilEd

    DevilEd Call me BellaDante

    "I guess my cuts not too bad, as for you we'll be able to figure it out, any ways let's go"
  4. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    Not long after they leave the rave, a mysterious gentlemen accosts them.

    Tall and slender, he had no eyes, instead, red spirals were painted over his skin-covered sockets. He also appeared to have no nose, but most striking of all was his huge and wide pointed grin, with lips so tight, it looked like he couldn't close his mouth.

    He was dressed from head to toe in a bellhop outfit.

    "Hello players, my name is Chesire. Don't bother with your names, I know who you are."
  5. DevilEd

    DevilEd Call me BellaDante

    "Do you know where our rooms are and are you going to taunt us will vauge riddles."
  6. Tesseract

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    One of the guards prods the chair, which responds with a growl.

    Suddenly, the guards pause and move backwards towards the wall. The king gets up and points at George and the chair thing. The checkered tiles beneath them open up, dropping them through the floor.

    As they fall, strange medieval structures surround them on all sides. It seems to be miles tall. Like some sort of floating castle town, in tower form. The lower levels appear much darker than the upper ones, and beyond the buildings lies a black void.
  7. kaos

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    Cheshire sighed wearily. More of these wretched "players" come to accost her? Typical. She bent down and rummaged under the sheet of the trolley she was pushing. The birds were fighting with the baby crocodiles again and she swiftly separated them. Well, she couldn't ignore them forever. She stood up, and adressed them in a deep, velvetly, feminine voice. Coming from a mouth that didn't move was disconcerting.

    "Please excuse me sirs and or madams, but I, unlike the monster you met who calls himself Grim, am blessedly freed from having any part of this fracas some call a game. If you have any questions, I will answer out of respect for the formless. If I so desire of course."

    She begins to walk away, continuing to push the trolley.
  8. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    "Baby Crocodiles? Can I see? Can I have one?"
  9. kaos

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    "No. They are not for you. Try to ask things that are not so vapid, child."
  10. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    "I'll trade you... uhhh... something?
    hmmm, I don't think I have much to trade for...

    But I'm sure you can think of something I can give for a baby crocodile!"
  11. DevilEd

    DevilEd Call me BellaDante

    "Come on Sue, you don't need a baby crocodile. Let's look around some more."
  12. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    "ughh fine."

    I glare at Chesire in a way that says "I'm going to get that baby crocodile someday" and walks off.
  13. King Richard III looks around the new area with a look of awe on his face.

    "Oh my, what is this?"

    He turns to the chair guy.

    "We have to get back. I must..." King George III pauses in thought for a moment, "talk to that false king."

    King George turns to the tallest tower, surmising it must lead back to the hotel, and starts walking.
  14. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    Sue focuses a bit to muster up some adrenaline, then kicks down an un-numbered door. Inside is a hallway, then at the end of the hallway, Sue.

    Sue walks down the hallway and bumps into herself. She tries to push against it, and feels her own warm touch, but with equal strength, she cannot pass. Like a mirror.

    "Hmm. I wonder if this puzzle is one that can be solved, or if it's just here to mess with us?"
  15. kaos

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    As Cheshire turns a corner she calls back, "It's not a puzzle. Its a trap."

    She disappears around the corner and you hear some faint, childish laughter follow her.
  16. DevilEd

    DevilEd Call me BellaDante

    "Let's get out of here." Deviled says. But as he turns the door out slams and locks.
  17. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    "Crud, we're trapped in this hall now with ourselves..."

    except themselves stop mimicking and get ready to attack...
  18. DevilEd

    DevilEd Call me BellaDante

    "They don't look too happy" Says Deviled
  19. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    "You take you on, I'll take me on."
  20. DevilEd

    DevilEd Call me BellaDante

    "That would be wise, seeing as they might know how we attack it would be safer."

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