The Adventures of the Professional Gentleman! [Hidden Level Ver.]

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  1. W-Well, you can't be in two places at once! But... If I was going to guess, I think they'll head to Port! They could sabotage the ship and then escape before anybody really notices!

    You start to navigate the pathways which feel more like tunnels at times... Even the Engineers don't like to be down here if they don't have to, most of the time. It's cramped, hot, dark and just a bit smoky. You hope something is actually going down because if you just imagined all of this, you're going to feel REALLY SILLY when you're brought up on charges of abandoning your post... Being in the R.A.G.s is difficult. Ugh.

    As long as we're going, are we going to arm ourselves? I mean, our pocket knife is supposed to be a tool for food but you suppose you could just clean any blood off of it... Goodness, this is a tight squeeze. You hear something up ahead though. So yeah! How do we come out of this tight opening? Armed? Unarmed? Silently? Loudly? Arms Akimbo? Arms ALL OVER THE DANG PLACE? You might just get the jump on this guy, so it's all about planning! We'll season their defeat with our - No that sounds dumb. Anybody got a one liner or something?
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    > The Pocket Knife should do for now; if things get really bad, we can always use fisticuffs.

    And we should observe their actions before doing anything else..._
  3. You equip the Pocket Knife. You hope you don't have to use it. You'd really hate to think of how hard it would be to get Ruffian Blood off of a knife...

    But first, Observation! Sneak up all sneaky like... The sounds get louder, and eventually you find a corner to peek around...

    You see someone in a uniform. Good. Good. Can't get a good look at their face though. It's dark down here, and also steamy. Still, they're messing with something... Hm. It's one of the escape pods. Literally, a pod you climb into to escape. They have these little wings that fold out? They could just be doing maintenance checks. Or not. They stop messing with it and turn to look at a gauge, holding up a light to examine it. Then they turn and move into the darkness...

    Should we follow this guy? Or Head Back? You probably don't really have the time to search the other side...
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  6. Okay, cool. As long as we're consistent in our adventure seeking. Onwards! Quietly though, yeah? Don't want to be noticed... Although, any detection down here would HAVE to be visual. Even then, it's pretty dim. You're probably safe! You creep past loud machines, sometimes wondering what these do. I mean, of course they're likely for running the ship, but what parts? ... Heck, have anything been changed on these machines? Would you even be able to tell?

    Also it's REALLY hard to move normally without accidentally bumping into something and pressing a button or toggling a switch. Ugh. This is not really your scene. You're starting to get a headache...

    Which is why you probably don't notice that you haven't seen the person at all until someone presses something against your back. Well, what do we do now? They may have just said something, but it's REALLY hard to tell. Also it's hard to tell what the thing being poked into your back is, but even money is something that could hurt you in some manner. That could be a LOT of things though. If it's NOT a gun, you have a couple options.. But if it IS...

    Meh. Ever wonder if you just suddenly became the star of your own story?
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    > "I'm sorry. Could you please repeat what you just said?"_
  8. Tesseract

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    stand still and pretend to be a machine
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    I think that they'd notice something if you stood perfectly still. Wave your arms up and down and make piston noises as well!
    You stand perfectly still. Then you realize you don't look like a machine standing still so you pump your arms up and down and make piston sounds!
    So they swat you in the back of the head with something. OW!

    "[muffled speaking intensifies]"

    Suddenly everything goes dark as they pull something over your head! ... Then it gets light again. OH! They pulled a hood over your face or something. Then turned it around so the eyeholes are facing the right way. They mess with something, still jabbing you in the back with their other hand or.. whatever that is. Everything is a lot quieter and less stinky and you feel a lot better.

    You hear a clicking noise and suddenly you hear a feminine voice!

    "Dumbass, what are you doing down here without a breathing hood on?! You could have died. Also, aren't you a COOK? What the hell are you doing in engineering? No matter what the other cooks may have told you, it is super against regulations to use the machines down here to cook with, even if we get hotter temperatures than the ovens."
    '...If I could have died, couldn't you have put the hood on first? Also it's noisy down here. How did you expect me to-'


    'OW! STOP THAT!'
    "WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN HERE? You're getting on my nerves, Cookie!"
    'And you're giving me a headache!'

    They move and you instinctively cover your head. Well NOW what?
  11. Tesseract

    Tesseract Regrets Choices Thus Far

    bribe her with the promise of free food
  12. Triangle Man

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    > "I saw a ruffian moving around down here and I was trying to discern what they were doing."_
  13. "I saw a ruffian moving around down here and I was trying to discern what they were doing."
    . . .
    'You saw someone come down here.'
    '*Sigh* How long ago?'
    "I don't know.. ten minutes ago? At the most?"

    Boy that silence is awkward.

    "L-Look. If you just let me go and promise not to get me in trouble, I'll make you a little something extra! You like uh... Bread? Vegetables? Meat? I could do some fried potatoes or- OW."

    You are going to have a lump on your head later, you know that much.

    'Shut up. We're barely on patrol, so I should be the only one down here, and I've been here since breakfast... So...'

    A hand grabs your shoulder and turns you around and you find yourself staring into a mask. Probably like the one you're wearing.

    'If you're lying, I'm going to break both of your legs and turn you in for being a sneak.'
    "...A-And if I'm not?"
    'Then you'll be personally cooking my meals every day for a week. You think they came down this way? Then lets go.'

    They turn and start to squeeze through the passages, brandishing a large mallet. Well. Guess you better follow them. Running would PROBABLY be a bad idea. Still... You wonder if you actually chose the right side of the ship to search... should you bring this up?
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    No! Walk with confidence and reassure them that you were right all along. The best lies are the ones you believe yourself!

    (p.s: I just saw this now and will contribute to keep this forum as populated with bears as possible. I'm pretty exhausted so maybe I don't quite know what's going on but that's never stopped me in the past)
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    (Also, if you ever want to check out Skype, send a message to me or one of the other forum members and we'll be happy to add you! We spend a lot of time there...)_
  16. "I don't think they came down here, I know they came down here!"
    'Really now.'
    "Yes! I really saw someone! The only alternative is that I'm crazy!"
    'Or you're a liar.'
    "Come ON. Is this the face of a liar?"
    'Now that you're wearing that big mask? Yeah. Yeah it is. I'm still not even sure I recognize you, but that's fine. The only people I speak to often enough are the Head Engineer and the Captain...'

    Hold on.

    "Wait a minute, you get to speak to the captain?"
    'Yeah? I'm second engineering officer. Every day, when I get off shift, I have to go deliver a report about the condition of the equipment.'
    "Oh. Cool."
    'I'm still not seeing any- Hold up.'
    '... Do you know what a bomb looks like?'
    "I dunno, I could probably guess. Why?"
    'What's that?'

    Over on one of the machines, attached with copious amounts of silvertape is... well... It appears to be 4 large tubes taped together, with a bunch of wires sticking out of them into a small brick which is blinking numbers and slowly counting down.

    "Oh. ... At least you don't have to break my legs, right?"
    'Oh shut up, and help me figure out what to do with this, we only have... Three Hours? What the hell? There is no way I wouldn't have noticed this in time. What does this mean?'

    (Oh man, Really? Alright. I shall track down someone on the SKP's. Also, I'll try to mentalbrainallarilly remember that this exists. Maybe add it to my tagged list of links. :I)

    (I suppose I should ask someone's SKP then. ' -')
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    cut the blue wire
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    (My name is triangleman2, if you're looking.)

    > Well this escalated quickly. What's the proper bomb-disarming procedure for this sort of situation?_
  19. (It was at this point that MrBear completely had forgotten about hiddenlevel because he's pretty bad with that sort of thing and he'll try to get an actual update here sometime. ' -')
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    Oh dear! But take as much time as you need to in order to get an update ready - we'll all still be here, waiting and watching! :)

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