The Adventures of the Professional Gentleman! [Hidden Level Ver.]

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  1. (Once Upon a Time, Cats, Kittens, Dawgs, Dudes, Bros, Shoggoths, Primary Colors and Geometrical Shapes, I ran an adventure by this title elsewhere. I let it die. My fault mainly. I figured I could try again with the story here, and if it goes anywhere, then more power to it.)

    (Note 2: It also gives me a reason to come to Hidden Level every day, so I don't forget! ' <')

    (Note 3: I suppose It's worth saying that it used to be the adventures of William P Fetterbottom, but I figured I might as well leave names up for interpretation as well because I like doing things the hard way.)

    The N-Teenth Century! Behold, agape at the wonderment and fantasticallity of such a wonderful time to live in!

    The N-Teenth Century, an age where the boundaries between whole worlds are all but obliterated, to live in a world that seems to stretch on forever in all directions!

    The N-Teenth Century... Where Men can be Men, Women can be Women, or Men can be Women, Women can be Men, Maybe also we could be robots, or animals, or some form of mysterious green sludge! A time of free-thought and intellectual expression! (So long as you don't go against the propaganda of Their Royal Highnesses!

    Tekno-Ology and Majick coexisting in breathtaking displays of brains and brawn, where the will of a single Gentleman or Gentlelady can shape the very fabric of space and time!

    The N-Teenth... *Newsreel continues ad-nausea*

    Okay so it really is pretty awesome, if you're out to be a hero, or even a villain... Or if you're rich. That would be pretty nice also! Unfortunately you're but a simple, newly introduced member of the GentleCorps, where you hope to learn the skills and manners necessary to become one of the world's elite! Maybe. Your goals up to this point have really been pretty open.

    It's morning, and you have awoken in your very meager quarters aboard the B.F.W. 'Measure Twice, Cut Once'. Blinding sunlight sears through the window, reminding you how horrible it is to wake up so early.

    What Do? Or perhaps, more importantly, Who Is? It would be easier to get around if we knew Who and What you are, regarding your job aboard this Windbag.
  2. Tesseract

    Tesseract Regrets Choices Thus Far

    Hershel, Chef
  3. Ah yes. Hershel. ... Hershel Who?

    Oh no time to worry about that. Of course you're up early! Ugh. You realize how much it's going to suck to have to cook for an entire WINDBAG of people?

    Oh well. Get up get up get up. Yes yes. You check the clock. Fifth Hour, Second Winsday of Vraltch. Good. Good. You have a half hour to clean yourself up, get dressed, collect your kit and get to the mess by Sixth Hour. Then cooking. Lots of cooking. Then some free time, depending on the shifts.

    You restore your Hygiene, get Dressed, Collect your Kit- Is there an echo in this narrative?

    Anyway. Lets get a look at your effects.

    What's all that mean? Well, the important thing there is that you need to drink and eat something. Also at some point, need to stop at the Tabernacle and turn that Skill Voucher in or a Sub Class or something. You were not paying huge attention during that part of the orientation. You were too busy thinking about how great it was that you actually got posted to a Windbag!

    Anyway. Anything you want to do between here and the kitchen, or shall we worry about everything else later?
  4. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    > I'd say that we get to the kitchen ASAP and worry about all that other stuff later.

    Besides, we can always steal snacks from the leftovers, right?_
  5. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    Better make sure you have four ties. Different knots impress different kinds of folks.

    Be careful not to spill tea on any of them
  6. Right.
    Oh right! You've been so used to throwing on the standard military uniform that you completely forgot about that! You stop at the 'Personal Inventory' kept at the foot of your comfortable bed. A little bit of fiddling with the lock and bam! You have acquired your Quadra Ties! Which is to say... A fine piece of custom clothing that manages to be four ties all at once, while still only taking up your singular Tie Slot. Just wedge that into the character sheet and- Good! ... If only you knew if this had any effect on the situation at hand. Find out eventually, won't you?

    Ah well. You make your way to the kitchen to find that there actually is a 'pre-breakfast' meal set out by the night crew for the morning shift cooks. You feel like you could eat a horse but unfortunately there is no horse on the menu. Normally this would just be whatever was cooked up last night, but considering you just left port, you get to help yourself to bread, more bread,some MORE bread, and to balance it out, a lovely spot of tea. You take extra care not to spill any. Luckily they teach you that kind of thing when you're in the R.A.G.

    Well, it's about time to start working. You know your place in the kitchen, and so do your shift-mates, but just to make sure, what IS your position in the kitchen?
  7. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    > Hmmm...what roles do you have in the kitchen?

    ...You are the specialist in the vegetable dishes. Fitting for a Gentleman, no?_
  8. inexpediency

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  9. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    Plot twist: You're the food
  10. A Legumier and a Saucier? Well, it's a small kitchen and really, it probably just says 'Sous-Chef' or 'Commis' on the worksheet since you're not the Chef. But still, you learned some things before joining the RAGS.

    And- ... Yeah that would be weird? I mean, back home, there was this talking tree named Kevin who could produce many fruits and even some leafy vegetables from his branches? But that's considerably different of a- ... Is it? Hm. Hn. Still, you'd rather not be the food. You're not really all that interested in being part of some grim legend about a creature or something.

    The Kitchen has Four people, the Chef, the Sous Chef (Who sadly is not you.) and two Commis (One of which IS you!) Everybody gets to work immediately. Because of your skills, you're given the option of either working on a sauce for breakfast (Presumably some form of Gravy or maybe a Fruit Mixture for Toast?) or making a vegetable piece. Of course, you've never had to apply your skills to cooking for a GROUP before. This will be interesting. Alternatively, if you're feeling like a lazy (and yet unlazy) bum, you could volunteer to run breakfast to the officers. The Chef and Sous Chef got up earlier to prepare that in advance.

    ALTERNATIVELY again, there is running A DIFFERENT meal of rough, easy to eat food down to Cargo Hold/Engineering Bay.

  11. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    > Why not try making the vegetable piece? I'm sure you can make something wonderful!

    And perhaps you'll still have time to run some food to the cargo hold later?_
  12. Well, nobody ever gets promoted to head honcho in the kitchen by being nervous.

    You reach behind your back and retrieve your pride and joy. A knife. It looks rather plain, but it's endured things that would ruin a lesser knife. Also it's your favorite. You can do anything with this knife, even things it wasn't really appropriate for! Like intricate vegetable work.

    The Knife flies through the vegetables you have set in front of you. Peels come off with ease, looking almost like it was simply blown away by the wind. Pieces are portioned up perfectly using your Measure of a Man ability. You begin Carving. Assembling. Within a minute, you have a single Clockwork Vegetable Platter. It won't take long to make one for everybody on the ship.

    ... The other chefs are impressed. In the academy, you are encouraged not to show off, merely show that you at least know all the basics. The other cooks set to their duties. The other Commis gathers up BOTH deliveries of food in their arms and runs off to deliver breakfast to the Cargo Crew and Officers.

    The Sous-Chef begins to brew an incredible sauce that will likely go on those loaves of bread that the Chef is carefully placing into the oven.

    And why shouldn't you all be some of the best cooks? An army marches on it's stomach. It's YOUR job to make sure that stomach goes into battle with no regrets. Of course, you'll be done with this with time to spare. Perhaps you should prepare something additional? The ship certainly has enough food stocks.

    Of course, you could also take an early break. As long as it's not near mealtime, you're free to wander as long as you stay out of the way. Really, the sky is the limit. If you can think of something interesting to do with your time, It's probably alright. Except for 'Being the Food'. Unless there is a way to CLONE you and- .. Eugh. Even then, there's 'eating something with a face' and then there's 'eating something with YOUR face'. Completely different.
  13. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    > I'd say that you should take an early break and be ready to work really hard later-ish.

    Go explore, I guess!_
  14. You finish up the last Clockwork Vegetable Platter. (Added to your Signature Recipes.)

    You check with the Chef, he waves you off with a chuckle. You've done enough for now. He'll send someone to track you down if he needs to. Besides, this is your first real experience on a Brave Flying Windbag, right? Just don't get in anybody's way.

    Well, you explore! You end up on Deck, first. Nobody seems to mind you, as long as you stay clear of the work being done. Of course, you grew up on an Sky-Island, like everybody else you know...

    But it's something different to see the scenery from a Windbag.

    A bank of clouds drift by, brushing against the ship, wood creaking from the weight of the water vapor. In the cloud, you catch a glimpse of some Sky Regals nesting. Mm. Fresh Eggs. I mean, It's not like you're going to steal from wild birds. That's not cool.

    A few moments later, the cloud bank is passed and you catch a glimpse of all the islands under you... Hm. You can't even see your home island anymore. Not that you could from the Academy Port...

    Well! Unless you want to keep looking around up here, chances are you'll find more to explore below deck. You could always head back to your Room. There is also Engineering, Cargo, Barracks... Are you just going to wander around until something happens? Because what are the chances something unusual is going to happen on this ship on it's first voyage with a completely new crew? I mean, REALLY. That sort of crap is only reserved for the YAABs, Young Adult Adventure Books. Which you totally don't like at all.

    Like the last one you read. Everybody knows William P. Fetterbottom wasn't a real guy. Nobody could be that stupid.

    What Do?

  15. Tesseract

    Tesseract Regrets Choices Thus Far

  16. Oh. Okay.

    Time starts to speed up, the view zooms out until the people on the Windbag are A: Very Small Dots and B: Mostly Concealed by the Overhead Windbag.

    Minutes tick by like seconds. Then Five Minutes at a time. Ten. Fifteen.

    Seventh Hour, Eighth Hour, Ninth Hour- Tenth---


    Tenth Hour One Quarter, Second Winsday of Vraltch

    You're on your way back to the Kitchen when your admittedly meager skills of Acuity notice someone completely failing at sneaking.

    It's some guy... It's a crewman, at least, they have a uniform on. But they also have... A mustache. ... There is a very strict policy on facial hair in the R.A.Gs. Which is to say, not allowed.

    They open a door to head down into the engineering deck... You're needed in the kitchen, it's time to prepare for lunch, but... What are THEY doing?
  17. inexpediency

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    Craft a dummy to take your place in the kitchen and then follow them
  18. Tesseract

    Tesseract Regrets Choices Thus Far

    Immediately punch him in the face, making no attempt to discern his motives
  19. ... H-How- Nevermind, you can make one out of... vegetables? Or just ask if it's okay if you run something to- But you'd have to lie...

    No time! You can just be late. If that guy really is up to no good, It's up to you to- Well, not really, but c'mon!

    Entering: Engineering

    Great. He moved. I mean, that seems obvious? But Engineering is kinda cramped. You'll have to pick which area to head towards. If you remember correctly... Fore is Storage.. Aft is Primary Ammo Stores.. Port and Starboard are where the engines are located, but additionally... Uh.. Right. Port has escape pods, and Starboard has a generator for the electrical systems on the ship.
  20. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    > If he really is a saboteur, he'll go for the engines first. And so must we!

    To the Port and Starboard sectors!_

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