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  1. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    Hey guys

    TCAF 2015 is May 9-10. I was thinking about going, and I figured if other people also wanted to go (or at least be in Toronto around that time), well heck, we should gather, if only to appease the Dark Forces of Something or Other (I'm a bit tired, pretend I came up with something clever).

    People who will be at TCAF that you might care about:
    • Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics)
    • Gigi D.G. (Cucumber Quest)
    • Chip Zdarsky (Sex Criminals)
    • Sarah Sobole (Doctor Cat)
    • Jon Rosenberg (Scenes from a Multiverse)
    • Kate Leth (Kate or Die)
    • Taylor C. (Monsterkind)
    • everyone listed here
    A lot of who I put up there are names I personally recognize, mostly from internet stuff, so if there's a big name in comics I've missed that you notice/are excited about please share.

    Also I hear Zack Morrison (Paranatural) will be there, he just doesn't have a table.

    So: Anyone up for being in Toronto for a weekend in May?
  2. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    I'm going!

    If anyone else is going to go and wants to meet up, I'll have presents <3
  3. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member B├╝rgermeister

    Whoa, I'll have to check my calender and see what I'm up to that weekend, I totally forgot it was that time of year again!

    Edit: Wait, isn't may 9th a Thursday? Aw I'll have to work
    Edit 02: Nope, that was April I was looking at. I am dumb.
  4. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    Bought the plane tickets. Now I just need to figure out how to get downtown from the airport and where to sleep.

    Looks like Toronto has, like, 15 hostels to choose from.

    We're a month away. Get hype.
  5. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

  6. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    Yo yo yo it's happening, I'm in The City and ready for the weekend
  7. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    Well dang, that was a lot of fun
  8. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster


    So yeah

    This is pretty awesome
  9. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member B├╝rgermeister

    I'm so glad you guys had fun and I'm so sorry I didn't end up joining you.
    I am a butt.
    The biggest butt.
    One day 6 years from now if I ever finish one of the ten trillion comics I start and never finish I may have a booth or something there though and if I do you guys can sit behind it and sign stuff and pretend to be me because I actually wouldn't like to do any of that stuff or have people know me.
    Also I've been drinking. Sorry.

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