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    t the dawn of the age of mortals, the Lady of Autumn Caita created the first fer, and for her children she claimed the northern lands of Eleren. Caita willed that the fer would be the kindest of mortals, and it was so. Caita willed that the fer would be the most enduring of mortals, and it was so. Last, Caita willed that the fer would draw magic from the earth itself, and it was so. And the fer tribes and city-states lived many years in the north.

    Then from the south came the great beast Kaltheroth, the Conquering Wyrm. His hoard was nations and his breath was power. And for years the fer lived under his terrible rule, until the champion Leofor arrived to challenge him. He was a powerful warrior and devout follower who had found the favor of the Lady of Autumn. His armor was blessed to resist the most powerful of dragonfire, his weapon an iron spear made for the giants of the east that no fer save Leofor could wield as he did. He fought the Conquering Wyrm, and destroyed him. And he became Iron Leofor, the first and only High King of Eleren.

    The High King Leofor conjured the everlasting Hallowed Flame. With its power he constructed Lorne, the holy city, and he tore it from the earth itself. And so Eleren entered a golden age, and the people made pilgrimages to Lorne so that they might bask in its glory and feel the warmth of the Hallowed Flame.

    But Leofor and his holy city disappeared, and the kingdom began to collapse. Yet still, many pilgrims journey through the northlands in search of the holy city of Lorne.

    Heart of the Broken Lord is a brief (ideally, 3-5 sessions) tabletop campaign/creative effort of which I'm currently in the planning stages. You will play pilgrims in a fantasy world exploring the holy city of Lorne, built atop a floating archipelago. Ideally if enough people join I'd like to run two groups of 3-4 people because I think it'd be interesting to see how your paths diverge, but we'll see how things go. As of now I only have a basic outline, but I'll need to have a good idea of who's playing.

    Your characters are Fer, the forest people of the north who worship the Lady of Autumn (you can play a different race if you want but you'll have to talk to me about that). The fer are people with spotted skin, fluffy tails, and great antlers which they often adorn with ornaments. As their gift from the goddess, they can draw magic from plant life.

    Fer cities and towns are often built around Pilgrim's Fire, powerful and sacred flame that lasts for many years. It is retrieved from the everlasting Hallowed Flame of Lorne, the Holy City ruled by Iron Leofor. Lorne has been missing for nearly a decade now and the Pilgrim's Fires are dying. As pilgrims (assuming, of course, that you are in fact a pilgrim), you seek to return to your town with a new Pilgrim's Fire.

    Your abilities are:
    Agility: Climbing, Swimming, Running, and other feats of athletics. Also, dodging.
    Awareness: Perception and investigation skills, and ability to read other people.
    Might: Strength, proficiency with melee weapons, and ability to intimidate.
    Skill: Finesse, dexterity, ability to use bows and light weapons.
    Vigor: Ability to withstand physical harm.
    Vision: Insight into the world and its inner workings, allowing for the use of magic. Also identifies the function of magical components.
    Quiet: The art of stealth and subtlety.

    (I'm going to try to make them all equally useful so don't try to pick out the most useful ones and make a character based around those)

    Additionally, you have knowledge skills. You can be knowledgeable at nearly anything, but Art (encompasses any type of art, like visual or performance), Alchemy, Animal Handling, Engineering, History, Medicine, Nature, and World may come in useful. Fer (well, most of them) are automatically strongly proficient in Religious knowledge.

    You are strongly proficient in one abilitiy and one knowledge skill, somewhat proficient in two abilities and two knowledge skills, and inept at one ability.

    Your character starts with 3 items. Again, these can be anything (ask me), but here's some recommendations:
    -A Melee weapon
    -Three light melee weapons
    -A ranged weapon with 10 ammo
    -Two healing potions
    -A grappling hook
    -A bear trap
    -An Explosive potion
    -Two flasks of holy water
    -A Spyglass
    -A Book with your choice of subject

    You get one Fate Point, which can be expended to reroll a roll you've made, or a roll made against you. Take the better result of the two. If you're good at roleplaying, you may find yourself rewarded with additional fate points! (You can spend multiple fate points on the same roll, if you want)

    And of course, your character needs a name and backstory.

    I highly recommend shooting me a message on discord (or HL I guess) so we can talk it out, especially since parts of the campaign may be shaped based on your character and their backstory. But you can do it however you prefer.

    It will be a few weeks before we begin the campaign, but try to give a good estimate of your availability. Sessions will begin around 7pm EST. (If you live in the eastern hemisphere you probably aren't going to get to play unless you can set aside some ridiculous times, sorry!)
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  2. NotAPumpkin

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    I'm going to play, and I'm just wondering if anyone's interested in having their characters know each other beforehand? I always thought it might be fun to do that in a game.

    Not sure what kind of character I'm going to play yet, but if someone wants to bounce ideas around for this that would be cool :)
  3. Almost Human

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    Oh my god I want to play this so bad but don't know if I'll have the time :(
  4. inexpediency

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    I'm playing! @NAP maybe we can have our characters be friends hehehe

    I'm available most nights at 7
  5. NotAPumpkin

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    I'm not sure what kind of character I want to play yet, but if you have an idea in mind I might be able to riff off it. Yay, friends<3

    Hmm, I sort of have an idea of playing a boy who is a bit arrogant or overzealous but well-meaning? Maybe hahahaha. I'd like to try playing somebody who isn't a spellcaster for once :p

    Aw, AH, I hope you can play!!
  6. inexpediency

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    I'm still working her out but I think I'm going to make a girl who's bubbly and very sweet but kind of awkward with people! prefers animals. Also extremely religious. and an orphan
  7. NotAPumpkin

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    That sounds adorable aaa. Okay, I was busy with work this weekend, but I'll try to hash something out soon :)
  8. NotAPumpkin

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    Gonna play a dude named Shadric, and he's gonna be about as douchey as his name suggests
  9. Tesseract

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    Currently like 1/3 done to give you an idea of how big I made this thing lol

    Current players are nap, inex, ecto, la, kaos. There's still lots of time to join and I'm probably gonna bug some people
  10. ectocal

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    I still need to make a character for this
  11. Tesseract

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    It's looking like we're going to have 1 party of 5 people (though there is still time to join if anyone else wants in). Game starts at 7 EST (we can move it like an hour or two behind or ahead if we have to so it's ok if you're only available starting at 8 or whatever)

    Fill out this whenisgood so I know when you're available (ignore the dates just pick the days of the week which work): http://whenisgood.net/gxnwb22

    Also make your characters.
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  12. Tesseract

    Tesseract Regrets Choices Thus Far

    Half a year later and we're finally done lol

    This went really well and I'm gonna run something else someday probably

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