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  1. YO YO YO

    Instead of clogging up the general chat thread with gifs of GAME MAKING and PROGRESS LISTS I decided to take it here instead.

    Current Project as of this post is POKEMON CLONE [title pending].



    Progress List:

    -Types have been programmed! They’re likely to be changed as to what’s effective against what but the system is in place and functional.

    -Likewise, moves of the same type as the mon get a slight boost in damage [STAB in pokemon terms].

    -Expanded the screen by 16 pixels. Trust me, I needed it.

    -Added 6 more moves and Duckweed [all of which are subject to change.]

    -Added Stat-changing modifiers and moves [Quack lowers special attack in this instance.]

    -System for adding effects to moves has been implemented. Yay!

    I'll post more in this thread as progress is made. Double posting may end up a common occurrence - we'll see.
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    That's pretty intense! I wish I could program sometimes, I have some ridiculous ideas for games and no means to distribute such insanity to the public.
    That aside, good luck! It seems like an interesting project.
  3. Thanks! I'm looking forward to actually be doing things with this project!

    Today's progress so far [been up since 9am~ish and as of this post it is currently almost Noon.]:

    -Critical hits!
    -Accuracy/Evasion! [not properly tested but by all means should function.]
    -Healing! [Both self-recovery and healing based on damage done.]
    -Few system touch-ups/rearranging of order of things.

    Everything has been going pretty smoothly! Not looking forward to making actual text boxes though... [they tend to be a bit of a bitch to program...]
  4. [​IMG]

    god i really need to make some proper goddamn textboxes

    Got status effects in though! lemme copy paste my tumblr post

    Progress for rest of today [I made a post earlier for everything before noon.]

    -Status Effects.

    -More system fixes and stuff.

    Might not seem like a lot but I DID implement 4 status ailments and stuff.

    It wasn’t exactly as easy as I would’ve hoped but they work!

    I also added nicknames. Can’t actually nickname things yet but the method to make them appear in-battle is now in place [also helps me with seeing things clearly as I continue on.]

    Next up: ???

    Explanation of Status Effects.

    Sleep - Works similarly to Pokemon’s Sleep - 2-5 turns asleep before your mon wakes up. However, if you get hit while asleep, the count is reduced, making you wake up faster!

    Curse - If you use a damaging move that hits the enemy, you’ll receive recoil. [It’s 25% of damage you dealt for those who want exact numbers.]

    Poison - Exactly what it says on the tin. It does damage per turn [8% of your max health more or less]. I might make it reduce the amount you’re able to heal but we’ll see.

    Dazed - It prevents your mon’s moves from having any secondary effects [Which also renders any move that doesn’t do damage unusable] and moves have a 20% chance of failing. This only lasts 1-3 turns, but it can be annoying to be continuously Dazed repeatedly.

    This is all very subject to change, as a head’s up.
  5. [​IMG]

    I have moved on from the battle system and have progressed to working the overworld stuff. I've been mostly lazy this week so not much in the way of visible stuff, but movement and text boxes work so yay.

    Next up is the pause menu and items. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay dies
  6. [​IMG]

    ~nailed it~

    next up: Programming in actual mons and making wild battles/trainers...
  7. [​IMG]

    would've gotten more done today/finished the mon page but I got called into work god why can't i be good enough to survive off just game making ugh
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    I really admire your dedication LL! I am super bad at committing myself to things I'm not required by a school to do, so I'm impressed you can get so much done on all these super neat games.
  9. thank you!! this made my day a bit better since I've been having some self-issues [yaaaaaaaay] and shit but yeah!

    I mean my whole free time is basically VIDEO GAMES MAKIN' GAMES GAME GAMES GAME GAMES GAME GAMES etc. and this is basically my only real talent but it is my passion!!!
    I live and breathe video gamesssssss
  10. [​IMG]

    took a bit to get this together due to work and video games but I got move and mon switching done, which was like the biggest thing for the pause menu outside of the items so yay.
    also look at a new mon sprite! Im just sorta tracing over my doodles for these things I apologize for nothing
  11. I've made more progress but I'm unhappy with a lot of it so I'm going to tear the game apart a bit and redo the battle system; not going to do it like Pokemon anymore, but possibly more similar to the Pokemon Card Game's system? It's heavily work in progress but hopefully it'll come out interesting and different!

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