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  1. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

    read here talk about b ooks
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  2. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz


    the only author I really truly connect with
  3. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    BOOKS ZOMG I LOVE BOOKS! I'm trying to read a little bit more often nowadays and currently have more than enough reading materials to do this.

    I'm currently reading through something called 'A Game of Thrones' as well as something called 'The Collected Works of T.S. Spivet' (?), and after these are finished I've got a ton of other reading material to work through!

    It will be awesome.
  4. I've been meaning to read the Discworld series, and now that a crazy old lady in the book that I'm currently reading, Behemoth, mentioned the universe on the back of a turtle thing I'm taking it as a sign that I should do so soon :p
  5. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

    i have no idea who this is :eek:
  6. biggs hoson

    biggs hoson ghosts need love too

    At first I thought it was Nelle Harper Lee for some reason then I saw they had a mustache.

    Know I don't know what to think.
  7. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    *loads a gun with knowledge*

    get ready to rock.

    *fires vonnegut novels like bullets*


    *the gun is smoking*

    *reloads ammo*


    shit yeah motherfuckkkakaaaaaa
  8. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Holy Crap! I almost had one of those go through my chest!

    I take it that you'd recomend his novels? What kind of stuff does he write (genre-wise, plot-wise, etc).
  9. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    he writes black comedy

    the order I wrote the books is the order I'd recommend them

    I often can't read long swaths of his books at a time because I start tearing up. not because anything is overtly sad, his words just resonate inside of me to an incredible degree.
  10. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀



    and now i know what he looks like :O
  11. biggs hoson

    biggs hoson ghosts need love too

    I've seen some Vonnegut novels around my house.

    As soon as I seen one I am picking it up and reading the shit out of it.
  12. I read excerpts from Breakfast of Champions and Welcome to the Monkey House a couple years ago in school. Vonnegut is a cool guy. My bro got Cats Cradle a while back but never read it. Maybe I'll pick it up after Behemoth, cause unlike Discworld that book is actually sort of in my possession.
    Then again I also have Inheritance, which I have not read yet. Decisions decisions...but I think I'll leave Inheritance hanging for a while. I heard from some people that it's okay but not great.
  13. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    The only vonnegunt book I read is the only one you haven't mentioned

    Cat's Cradle.

    Ice-9 is awesome, that's all I got out of the book.

  14. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀



    nothing but an ugly old man and a twisted knot of string
  15. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

  16. ky

    ky comfort eagle

    *suddenly draws two knives and lodges them in the opposite wall*

  17. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    hoo hoo hoo!
    my spy-cicle in team fortress is renamed/described to reference ice-9

    OSLO, a friend of mine's father is a(n) historia(n) and received a bullshit history book about George Washington was really a christian and totally wanted america to have christian values (hint: he wasn't||he didn't)

    he tossed it :(((

    OSLO + 1 I've been told H. G. Woodfield (woodcrest? woodhouse? woodsomething, to be sure) is a good author and I'm going to strive to find out more about him after I polish off my last few vonnegutsssss
  18. inexpediency

    inexpediency Ruler of this [CHAT]

    After I finish my dumb required reading, I'm going back to three books that I've been reading little chunks of at a time: Women in Texas (a collection of mini-biographies about...well, you can figure it out), a book on Chinese poetry, and The Best of the Best American Poetry, 1988-1997

    Also my dad gave me this for Christmas but I haven't really looked at it yet.
  19. Maydame

    Maydame (ノಥಿ ೪ಥ)ノ*:・゚✧

    I was given the first 'left behind' book one year for christmas


  20. Isoraqathedh

    Isoraqathedh Anadai Mištšú

    I got three books for Christmas: Gone, The God Delusion and Inheritance.

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