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  1. to prove it's a capture-mon esque game here is a gif of me finding and engage the local wildlife:
    "is that time seriously 1:6" yes, yes it is.
    [Also going with the non-american approach to writing the date bc srsly that way is so much better]
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    Aww the Rossu is so cute. Did you make up/draw all your mons?
  3. Yep! The region is based on Australia/Tasmania/New Zealand and all the mons are based on wildlife there! Rossu is based on the Tasmania Pgymy Possum; there was a particular picture with it's tail curled and that's where I got the idea for big tail curl Rossu.
    The starters themselves are based on [respectively] a ground-based hunting bat in New Zealand [name escapes me currently], a short-beaked echidnia. and a blotched blue-tongued skink [i dont remember the actual name of this but it lives in Tasmania!]

    I have MORE mons designed but no graphics yet and I don't want to show EVERYTHING off so early so i mean.
    I kinda wanna get help with the battle graphics though at the least bc I think most people can do it better then me + lets me focus on other things lol
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    Neat! Well hey, keep us posted. I am curious about these other 'mons and the setting of this place.
    If you have more graphics later, I'd like to see them for sure!

    This all sounds pretty cool :)
  5. my arm/wrist hurts now [tho that's probably due to me tweaking it weirdly earlier] but i came up with a name for this project [until I come up w/ a better one maybe]! also more graphics and stuff:

    Cliff Path - First area of Namial [The current name of the game]
  6. [​IMG]
    a lot of the work done today was under the hood so to speak so instead here's a gif of nothing in particular, notable things are:
    -Slight changes to the route from previous gif
    -Sunset """"""""filter""""""" [colors change during different times of day]
    -Fayre, a new mon I designed alongside another one that I don't think I'll be showing any time soon.

    Stuff you CAN'T see but were done
    -Leveling up reworked so as to include learning actions
    -Said rework also permitted me to do Growths [evolutions basically] mid-battle, just like the pokemon anime!!!!!11!11!!1!
    -Also changes to movement system so it wouldn't bug the fuck out and shit [THAT was horrible let me tell you]
    -technically the dex and saving work but I haven't actually tested the later and the former works enough that im not going to bother with it until I get actual menu graphcis

    to-do list includes MORE graphics/getting someone else to do graphics for me and testing stuff I haven't gotten to testing and a bunch of other things
  7. [​IMG]
    im making a dungeon crawler
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    Bahaha you're always all over the map with your projects, LL but I have to say I love everything you post!
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    I love the look of this one! I've been seeing it on tumblr and I love the colors
  10. I truly am all over the map as I'm currently working on a project I was working on before the above dungeon crawler now. Truly life works in mysterious ways.

    Like this goddamn fucking fish:
    first bug: I forgot to set the mask for this fish so it bug'd itself up walls. No big deal, easy fix. It also prompted me to give them proper wall-scaling.
    second bug: not really a bug but the result of me trying to get them to climb walls. This method did not work.

    Third Bug: No gif because it was impossible to gif as it happened off screen. Fish would ignore all manner of collision and fall into infinity while off screen. This was the result of me being a dingus.

    What the fish is supposed to be like {Final}:

    This fish was Hell to put together but they're pretty great otherwise.

    Bonus gifs of other enemies:

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    holy carp this game looks amazing
  12. I actually improved the previously posted game's graphics quality since those gifs but also i stopped working on it in favor of a pokemon clone which ALSO got stopped working on in favor of a NES-style platformer which is better planned and executed then the above one so here are some choice gifs of some levels I've done.
    Act 1-2!

    Act 1-3!

    Act 1-4!

    Act 2-1!

    And a boss battle test! I sorta made a boss battle purely so I could have the systems in place when I actually make the bosses {note: reflected stars changed since this gif, as they're now indicated by Orange coloring.}

    The story of this game is that it's a Show put on by the protag {bunny ear'd girl} and the antagonist {her boss, the boss. purple hair'd lady there.}
    that's it that's the game. I'm planning on actually finishing this one and am Pretty Set on it so far! We'll see how that goes.
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    Wow wow WOW how are you so good at making games LL??? Like the most perfect combo of SMB3 and Kirby's Adventures but the character designs are all A+++++
    The protagonist reminds me of Cucumber from Cucumber Quest which doesn't translate well into a straight NES platformer but now I want it
    But yeah you are super amazing LL you keep getting better all the time and I would definitely play your games
  14. i only became so strong because of my friends................!
  15. [​IMG]
    i came up with the idea of this game last night and decided to dedicate today to prototyping it {instead of working on A Grand Show, which is coming along nicely!!}

    it's called Wave Force and it'll be about Mermaids in Mechs vs Catgirls in Mechs {ft. maybe a few guys? who knows i don't} fighting over an ocean. It'll be Cool???
  16. [​IMG]
    it's been a productive 9 hours.

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