kaos tries Nanowrimo (and fails miserably?)!

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    So yeah. This is a thread where I'll progress my Nanowrimo writing. Not going to bother to pretty up the OP, but I'm hoping for daily or tri-weekly updates here or on my tumblr (http://kaoticandenemies.tumblr.com/ under the tag #kaoswrites). anyway I'm going to start from scratch, with the story you guys voted for, Anthology. Yes it's a dumb name, deal with it.

    The first part of Anthology is called Love at First Sight. It stars a teenager named Sari who, after seeing a beautiful ruby in the marketplace, conspires with her brother and friend to steal it. Hopefully I can finish it in a week to get to the other ideas, including: A Small Tiff (Victorian Era Munk seeks revenge against the man who crippled the love of his life.), Sisters Grimm/Suicide Sisters ('Shotgun' Sally is a traveling serial killer alongside her schizophrenic foster sister Mary.), and Religion of One (A bored monk named Dane tries to find meaning in his religion and catalogs the people around him at the monastery.)

    I'll set up a google doc you guys can watch once I have something concrete to show you. Comment if you have any questions or want me to elaborate on a story.

    Story ideas
    First Story Idea (and what I will probably go with sans feedback)

    Background: It is a Murder Mystery. As I have never written a murder mystery it will probably be terrible. The original idea was a prompt on the mspa forums, so yes, it is a converted homestuck fanfic. I have some notes to go along with it but no final outline or anything. I would be making up a lot of shit as I went along.

    Probability of failing: Reasonably high.

    Summary: Once again the time has come for the proud Warriors of Parpe to challenge the world in Games of skill, chance, and courage. Last time our Warriors fought bravely and were victorious, crushing our fellow nations and retaining the Championship. However, our team of champions for this year’s Game are… atypical. A coward, a killer, a princess, and sycophant populate their ranks, and after finding that one of their own has been killed their weak ties may lead to Parpes’ failure to even complete the Game this year. Will they prevail, or will they tear each other apart from within? Only time will tell…

    Second Story Idea

    Background: This one has been bumbling around in my head in one form or another since my junior year of highschool. Part of it is even written. Not much, but still. Outlines for parts of the story exist. It’s a bit experimental and I’m not entirely certain it will all tie together, but it’s novel, at least in my own opinion.

    Probability of Failing: Might actually get done. I’d give it a 50/50 shot. Maybe, 65/35.

    Summary: In stories souls exist. The essence of a person can be distilled, examined and manipulated, talked about and torn apart. In these four stories five souls will be seen. Who they really are is up to you to decide. Is Monkey an urchin with a taste for theater or a boy with hate in his heart and a plan for revenge? Is Duke a doting brother or a bored nihilist? Is Salacia a proud soldier or psychopath with only one love in her life? Is Sari a selfish thief or a thug with a cockney accent? I Mara…, well she may be the hardest to describe. I invite you to read and come to your own conclusions.

    Third Story Idea

    Well this isn’t really so much a story idea as me finishing something that’s half-written anyway and working on other half or partially written short stories. The caveat is they are all pony. So yeah, not some people’s cup of tea, I know. If you do want to check it out it’s here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/161535/trashdemo

    It’s about suicide and depression mostly. Other half finished works include Fallout Equestria fanfics (which are basically fanfics or fanfics) and a short (human) story of a medium serial killer killing her fourth victim.

    Probability of failure: 20, 30 percent maybe? I’ll probably get it done.
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    How goes the Nano-ing? I'm doing it too, if you're on the site and want to add a buddy :D
  3. kaos

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    I am not on the site, and to be honest it isn't going well. I'll probably end up running it til January or something.
  4. lovelyAssistant

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    Aww, ok. Good luck!
  5. kaos

    kaos Currently doing Nanowrimo (<-Shame badge)

    i failed
  6. NotAPumpkin

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    Psssh. Who even succeeds at NaNo?

    How much did you get done? The month kind of flew by, but I thought your concept was pretty intriguing.

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