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  1. The events you are about to witness are fictional and have been brought over from the Chat thread.


    Katt: And guys I have teh booze take the internet away from me.


    NotAPumpkin: No wai Katt it's Saturday we all have to be impaired in some way

    It's rulez

    Siranae: Well, usually in an hour or so I become impaired due to lack of sleep. Does that count?

    Big Man: I am too young to drink so instead I will beat my head with a lamp until I get into the right- yhere qe go.

    O tthikl i amight juast lie downj

    Siranae: Big Man please give that lampshade back to DevilEd. I think he needs it to exist or something.

    DevilEd: It's part of my head, I don't even know how he got it.

    Big Man: Maybe I can sort of turn the crushed up side against the wall? Kinda like to the left... no other.. there we go.

    It is the perfect crime.

    DevilEd: *hits the side of the shad, it pops back out*
    There we go.

    Siranae: And now I'm only slightly concerned for DevilEd's health.

    Big Man: *Beats self in the head with lamp*

    Everyone is more concerned about the lamp's health.


    Siranae: Big Man, it's not that we're not concerned for your health. It's just that being hit with a lamp is slightly less life-threatening than having your whole lamp head removed. But don't worry, we still care about you. Would you like a band-aid? They're Spongebob themed.

    Big Man: Does it being spongebob themed make it any more absorbent?

    Cause I really need to stop the bleeding.

    Siranae: Yes. It makes it very absorbent.

    But now I think we'll move on to medical tape. If it makes you feel any better I can draw spongebob on the medical tape.

    Big Man: I bet that will make it more sponge like by the same logic that flames on a car make it go faster.

    But I don't know if my head wounds will like being drawn on.

    NotaPumpkin: 9 out of 10 doctors don't not recommend this treatment!

    Siranae: I planned on drawing on them before applying them to your head wound. But I should probably skip the aesthetics of this procedure for the sake of time and to reduce blood loss.

    Big Man: I don't know if this is just my skepticism or the blood loss making me wonder this but,

    since when are you a doctor?

    DevilEd: I need to get this BigMan blood of my lampshade. Also If you need there are bandages in Bandages room

    Siranae: Well someone's gotta step up and take charge of this situation! Since there's no doctors around, these bandages will have to do until then. Quick, whoever lives closest to Big Man get to his house right away and take him to the nearest hospital.

    DevilEd: Bigman, where do you live.

    Big Man: I thought DMX was a doctor.

    Besides my head stopped bleeding and I am FEELING GREEAAT.


    Siranae: Don't listen to him DevilEd. These are the ramblings of a man suffering extreme blood loss. We must find him and take him to the hospital.

    Now Big Man, tell these people on the internet whom you have never met in person your exact location.

    DevilEd: Should I bring my "healing" bat.

    Big Man: This sounds like a GREAT idea.

    But I've burnt down my house in case this situation would ever come up.


    DevilEd: We'll have to go to every Brothel in the universe to find you then. *reves up motorcycle*

    Siranae: I'll start in the Northern Hemisphere. You take the southern. *Starts up car*

    DevilEd: Vrooooooooooooooooom


    Big Man: No I have not seen the man you have described, but I do hope you have luck in finding the rabblerouser.

    Siranae: DEVILED GRAB HIM!

    DevilEd: *Grabs BigMan*
    We are not kidnapping this man hooker, it's for his own good.
    "Help me"
    shut up


    Siranae: Big Man, you have to understand we're trying to help you. You're badly impaired and you need medical attention.

    Aaaand I am now at that part of the night where I'm not thinking straight.

    DevilEd: Vroooooooooooooom

    Siranae: "You do realize that saying Vroom doesn't make the car go."

    DGC: I just watched Ocean's Eleven. Don't worry about the car, it turns out a robot was driving it the whole time. You guys are already leaving in a car disugised as one belonging to a SWAT team.

    DevilEd: Cool, now get me the knife and the staple gun


    Siranae:Uhhh, DevilEd..
    DevilEd: Vrrooooomm vrrooow schrrrreeeee vow
    D : What?
    S : Where did he go?
    D : I dunno, I was busy making car noises.
    S : Did... did he chew through the handcuffs?

    D:What, he left, grab the machete
    S:Were supposed to help him


    Big Man: Something about this... it feels.. it feels right.


    They ran and ran for hours. Then at some point Siranae’s lack of sleep got the better of her and she blacked out. And this is a link because the maximum amount of pictures per post is 4.

    The Next Day

    Inexpediency: also good night eberyone

    Siranae: Oh dang I missed Inex. Well, at least you guys are here still.



    DGC: Nope, I'm not here anymore.

    Ectocal: ectocal is not here

    there is only DNAndy

    Siranae: Oh. Well then DNAndy if you see ectocal around could you please remind him to feed the fish tomorrow?

    Worry not. The piranhas and the doom shark will have their fill

    Where did we even get a doom shark

    Triangle Man: It came free with that Doomsday Machine we purchased just last month, remember?

    Siranae, we are all figments of your imagination.

    None of this is happening right now, you've been in a coma since you were six years old.

    The real world is something closer to Star Wars.

    Siranae: that true?


    I freaking knew it.

    DGC: Sira, you are John Nash, and we are your Charles and Marcee.

    DevilEd: I'm sorry you had to learn this way. It had to be done.

    Siranae: I simply cannot believe it.

    These last eighteen years...has is really been that long? Or has it only been five, or even a single day?

    I don't know how to react to this.

    Yet, for some reason, I feel a sense of...liberation? My mind is no longer trapped in the defensive fortifications I had built around myself. It is free to explore it's full potential. All the knowledge I'd obtained over the years. All my memories. My true's all there. After all this time it's still there.

    Triangle Man: Glad to have blown your mind.

    And shown you the meaning of your life.

    You know what you must do now.


    DevilEd: You have to wake up now.

    Ectocal: Hey uh Sira

    While you're out there pondering this outcome

    And what the world will be like when you awake

    Do you remember how to feed a doom shark

    Siranae: You throw the bait in the doom tank. From a distance of exactly fifty feet. Any closer and the shark will use it's telekinetic powers to throw you into the tank along with it.

    Good luck. We're all counting on you.

    Ectocal: Thanks, it's done. By the way, we no longer need to worry about that ody-bay under the airs-stay

    DevilEd: The alarm has rung. It is time to get up.

    It's supposed to be a bloody machete.


    End of Prologue

    Well it turns out there's a limit on the number of pictures you can have in a post. There's fifteen left to go. Should I just make a bunch of posts or link them instead?
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  2. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    okay fuck this time to

    fix this image limit thing
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  4. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    I have done it

    I have set the limit to Twenty

    Post well, my friend. Go forth, and post with Images Plenty.
  5. Bandages, you truly are amazing.

    The story continued...

    Siranae doesn’t remember what happened since that night her and DevilEd ran after Big Man, who had been mentally incapacitated through the act of repeatedly bludgeoning himself with DevilEd’s headlamp. Was he alright?
    She opened her eyes a slit. She appeared to be in a hospital. Had she passed out? Had they been attacked? Where was Big Man?
    Then she saw the machete.

    Siranae: No.


    Siranae: I know better now than to trust you, DevilEd!

    DevilEd: "Get her"


    Where am I

    I think there's a more important question right now.


    What the hell is going on?

    DGC: Dunt worry, I GOT HER





    Siranae: What was that? Up in the vent.
    ...And on the wall!




    "Hmm.... everything... SEEMS normal."

    Good, good.

    What's this? Illicit business in my fine establishment?

    The Big Madam will not be happy about this.


    Meanwhile (Or previously…or something.)

    DevilEd: I wanted to get in the partnership. I can handle stuff too.

    DGC: Well you see... my associates aren't sure if you're really up to this.

    No, no, I SWEAR, I-i can do this!

    Well.... if you really think you can handle this... Here.

    You know what to do.... (lol small GUN!!)

    [Lots of panels with dude walking away in trenchcoat and the scene zooms out. Panels that I am sure as fuck not drawing with this freaking mouse]

    Edit: also it's probably raining. These things always involve rain.

    Drugs? Liquor? Tobacco?

    I can tell you the mistress of the house will not be pleased at all, I am going to her right now.

    Booze, Whores, Liquor for everyone! Smoke em if you got em.

    Ma'am, you can't possibly be condoning this, and you mentioned alcohol twice.

    Oh shush, one must know when it is time to celebrate.

    Ma'am it's 9:30 in the morning, on a Thursday.

    To be continued.
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  6. Oh my gog ahahahahahahahah this is the best i need to leave the [chat] thread more often so i dont miss gold like this ahahahhahah oh gog

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