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    Personally, I really like doing Nuzlocke runs of the games, so I guess I self-impose a change and a challenge from the the traditional gameplay. I have my own running narrative with them too, so I'm still able to enjoy the games.
    Which is kind of lame, I guess...for me it's more about building my own story from the game haha.

    I don't really mind the simplistic system...well I'm not too keen on them adding all kinds of flourishes to it (like Z-moves) instead of updating the core mechanics. Sometimes simple is good. It forces you to adapt and strategize, anyway. So I wouldn't mind if they overhauled it completely, but yeah people would probably go fucking ballistic if they did, so I don't think that's happening anytime soon.

    Anyway, I'm getting Moon.
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    I don't think that's lame at all! Hell I've enjoyed games based soley on my own headcanon and self imposed challenges are a great way to keep a game fresh, especially one that is meant to be enjoyed by a variety of age groups and therefore may not always pose the greatest of challenge.

    Haha that does sound like something I would say, and I appreciate that you took it to heart! I'm so glad that other generations can enjoy something that meant as much to me as pokemon once did and I admit that sometimes I really wish my heart did still skip a beat at the idea of a new game, I know young me would have loved some of the new mechanics that have been added over the generations.
    That and drawing shit like what I've posted in this thread before I


    The way I'm gonna play is:

    A) Try n' catch every mon I encounter
    B) Whenever a mon faints, switch it out with the next mon in the PC, effectively rotating my team almost constantly depending on how well/badly I'm playing.
    C) Likewise, when a mon EVOLVES I will switch it out.

    The idea here is that I think pokemon games are balanced around constantly switching around your team, so I want to put that into practice and see what happens.

    also be aware of spoilers since SOME FUCKERS got the game early and dumped the rom so assholes have been less then kind about keeping the internet spoiler free (youtube is the main thing to be aware of)
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    Dang, there's a rom out before the game's even released? Lame.

    I'm definitely going to pick it up, even though I'm not as excited about Pokémon as I once was... Though honestly it's on my list of 'stressbuster/feel-good games' along with ACNL. Still not sure whether I'm going Sun or Moon, though.
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    Haha I went into the lunch room at work yesterday and a group of five of my coworkers were in there playing pokemon together on their break. I take it people are enjoying this new version :)
  6. NotAPumpkin

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    Yeah, it's actually better than I expected. They started doing some worldbuilding explaining what the hell is up with pokemon world, and it's surprisingly good. The new pokemon are decent for the most part, and the region is really pretty and diverse.

    Also, Team Skull is incredible.
  7. Almost Human

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    OoOOo that does sound pretty interesting, I always kind of (in the back of my mind) hoped they'd embrace the pokemon war fan theory, but that's because I'm a pretty warped individual.
    What kind of answers are they giving? Feel free to put them in spoilers if they are, in fact, spoilers.

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