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Discussion in 'Sodom' started by gingerale, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. gingerale

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    I figured I'd make a thread for my current project. Mostly for myself so I have some place to post thoughts and progress. Makes me feel like something is happening.

    But okay then, first. I'm working on a framework for hosting one or more web-comics with as easy way to update and style it as possible for the artist. This is my practice project before I tackle the Big One™ that I want to make.

    I'm not working on a hosting service or anything. There are enough of those. What I want to make is something that you can just drop on your server, press start, and it'd be ready. Of course styling to make it look like it belongs with the comic content is important, so that's where customization comes in.

    The ultimate goal for this project is to make something very simple to use but easy to customize. And a comic reader that's something similar to what they have on Comixology. Full screen mode, different reading modes (double pages, panel by panel, etc.), mobile reading friendliness, and working accessability.

    What I've so far managed is the most basic functionality where it lets the admin define comics and add pages for them from the admin panel. And then display those on a reader page. It doesn't look like much but it works so far.

    Things I need to work on next is to amke it display the pages accordingly depending on the image page size. And then a better comic page adding page for the artist so they don't have to deal with the admin panel. Something that will also immediately let them preview the page.

    I'll likely set up a test environment on my Bazaart.net server sometime soon so I can actually show it off. But before that I will need some test comic pages to actually display. I guess I have some drawing to do.

    Project Site: https://github.com/gingeralesy/comic-reader
    Project Notes: https://trello.com/b/iSDBm8sH/comic-reader
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    Whoa! I like that idea a lot! I've also started work on yet another comic that I will inevitably write 100 pages of notes for, draw ten pages of and then give up before immediately starting a new one! And I've got a new webpage in the works but that's just so I can get a new job.
    Honestly your project sounds a lot more exciting! Man I wish I understood programming. The virtual world lays at your feet. And also yes, I have been drinking a little bit.
    But I'm sure that wasn't evident in this post!
  3. gingerale

    gingerale Dread Pirate

    Ahah, I don't know. My project isn't exactly something you can actually show people and have them enjoy adventures with. It's just for people who are able to do that to help them present those stories in their heads.

    But yes, I sometimes stare at my monitor thinking, "I have all this POWER! Now what do I do with it?"
  4. gingerale

    gingerale Dread Pirate

    Just a note. This has been going ahead albeit slowly. I've mostly been just reworking things I already had in it.

    What I should do up next is decide how the actual comic page is displayed. Since it might be of any size, I'm feeling that I should leave the edges around it empty of any content. Just allow some nice background theme design thing.

    That way it could resize accordingly for each page. Allowing not just basic A4 size images.

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