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  1. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    No doors does not imply no exits...

    ...I'll take a look around for another place to escape. If that thing attacks me I'll try and dodge it's assaults.

    All else fails, I'm going back up the way I came.
  2. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

    The walls are slick, and the ceiling too high. You scour the walls high and low, but your search returns nothing.

    "Looking for something?" the beast opens its toothy maw in amusement.
  3. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    "Maybe I am.

    A way out of this hole would be nice."
  4. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

    Though you didn't think it possible, the demons grin grows even wider.

    "Perhaps something... can be arranged."
  5. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    ...I did make my move and say 'yes', right?

    That was something I did...
  6. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

    upd8 to happen on saturday

    thx 4 patience

    workin :axillaryvein:
  7. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

    ok this saturday for real or maybe even tomorrow but probably saturday

    sorry everybody sorry i've been working long days and dont feel like doing much lately


  8. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

  9. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

    i lied this is dead probably

    i am the ultimate failure

    sorry everybody
  10. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    Mammon wins because he had wings

    *pats atomic* It's okay ^_^
  11. catGenes

    catGenes Got a spooky feline

    It was a lot of fun whilst it lasted! =3

    Thanks for running it, Atomic.
  12. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Oh well. If you can revive it at some point than I'd love to play some more! :)

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