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    Post 1:

    A young woman stands in the kitchen area of her house. Although it was 26 years ago that she was given a name, she can't seem to remember it for the life of her!

    Of course, that's just her real name that she can't remember. The name that she's actually known to everyone by is Drinkie Pie.

    It's currently 11:30 on a Sunday afternoon in beautiful Drinksburg, Indiana. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and all of the good and moral people are sitting through another dreadfully boring sermon by the Good Reverend Joe Livesey. And of course by all the good and moral people, that means everyone in town except for the Goldsteins and Drinkie herself. With a whole city block to herself, what should she do now?

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    Post 2:

    Ten steps ahead of you. Otherwise, how would she have achieved communion with the booze fairy?

    What ever you say, booze fairy!!


    AUGH. This damned thing's an antique from your grandmother. That glass is reinforced with lead. Not like you're strong enough to even be able to break glass in the first place. well, surely the next gem from the booze fairy will be truly insightful and meaningful!!


    That's actually a bit of a sensitive subject! Poor Drinkie's mother was killed in the beer factory that she worked in. She fell into one of the vats and drowned

    Of course she got out three times to use the bathroom, but STILL.

    Let's hold off on the jokes about mothers for now, booze fairy, or else you'll really upset the poor girl! And no one likes a weepy drunk.

    But the only pie that is anywhere in town is home baked! This little podunk town barely has four liquor stores, let alone a pie shop! The only way you could even GET a pie is to steal it while it was cooling off of a windowsill or to bake it yourself. And the last time Drinkie tried to bake well...


    Despite being a great bar keep, she have never gotten along well with the oven. Really the only part of a cooking ensemble she is competent with is the cooking sherry. And of course, that's how things like the great burning of 2008 get started.

    No way, they still haven't forgiven her for what she did at their kids bar mitzvah. Which may be understandable considering that she wasn't invited. And that she kissed the Little Arron right as he was in the middle of his Torah reading. Hey, they said that they wanted him to become a man! What kind of man hasn't kissed a woman, right?



    Good ol' fashioned fun.
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    POST 3

    now this is the first good idea that you've had all day Booze Fairy! Let's see what's in there....


    Oh god you finished everything last night. That news story about the young Juggalette who was murdered by her peers really just made you cry a lot. And laugh a lot. And of course, eventually you and your sidekick turned it into a drinking game. Who could have known that making a drinking game out of every time that you saw a Juggalo on screen would be a bad idea? of course, it didn't help that the next show that was on was Big Money Hustlas No wonder you're still pretty buzzed at 11:45 on a sunday morning.

    Wait a moment. What Sunday of the month is this?

    Eh, doesn't matter. Not like you ever have any sort of big events planned for specific Sunday evenings or anything. This tidbit probably has no bearing on anything.

    But even still!


    The lack of booze in the house is a truly troubling prospect! Due to a condition, Drinkie's body doesn't produce enough ethyl naturally, and so she needs a constant source of external supplement! Why, if this went long enough, she could even get Knurd! The last time that happened, well... Okay she can't remember it, but her sidekick told you that it was really really bad!!!!


    Drinkie moves to the foyer.

    But she doesn't have to kidnap a sidekick! Major Fluffybuns is already here! Thank god her booze level is high enough to talk with him.


    Major Fluffy buns is a seasoned soldier, a veteran of the great Barbie Wars! He's a little worse for the wear because of it, but he's still all there mentally!

    He opens with a cordial invitation to join him for a spot of tea later on in the afternoon. He's been feeling nostalgic about the one time that his platoon was surrounded by a whole squadron of Ken Dolls! He assures her that the tale is long, adventurous, and somewhat romantic!!!

    Drinkie politely declines the invitation, she's got important business to attend to! There's walks to take, pies to steal, and drinks to obtain.

    Major Fluffybuns offers to come along for the journey! While he may be old, he's still got that fighting spirit!

    So, should Drinkie take Major Fluffybuns with her? He might slow her down, but in a town that's going to be dead for the next twenty minutes before everyone leaves church, the company might be nice. However, if her booze level gets too low, he'll be rendered mute and limp! That could just be a major liability!

    Bring Major Fluffybuns: Yes or No?

    :> _:
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    post 4

    That sounds like an excellent idea! Carrying him around normally would only give Drinkie an added burden, and hamper her hands. Of course, there are better alternatives....


    Binding him up in hair keeps him nice and concealed, out of our heroine's hands, and gives her an extra set of eyes on the back of her head! It's the Perfect Plan!!!!



    The Major has a number of versatile skills that come in handy in combat! For example, he was able to hide the tea of an entire platoon while he was a POW of the vicious Pony Army. That one got him the Wooden Medal of Honor from the Queen herself!!!


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    After that incident with the cabinet, maybe risking something like this isn't the best course of action. However, the badass part can still stand....



    She unleashes a mighty YAWP to the world, unafraid of what the squirrels and or the Goldsteins might think.

    A faint reverberation echoes back, signifying her existence as being substantial in this material world. Nothing can take our pink haired cutie down, and that's just the way that she likes it!!!!!
  6. >see a mysterious shadowy figure doing suspicious things
  7. Varkarrus

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    Suddenly have the munchiesOH WAIT THAT'S FOR MARIJUANA

    okay okay okay

    shove grass down your mouth while continuing shouting.
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    (read in the voice of the old spice guy)
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    > Drinkie Pie: Suddenly wonder why you're in this new forum oh god what the hell is this place aaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    Okay, update will go here after i get back from work and finish it. yall can just hold on to your impatient butts until then!!!!
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    Drinkie - Fight giant robot.
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    *holds on to zaven's butt instead*
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    Bluberry, don't abuse spoiler dungeons, dear :p

  14. biggs hoson

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    But this is different Vark, look at how much lock picking skill I am getting here, it's ridiculous.
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    (credit to drillgorg for original image manip of blueberry)

    Well, she's not HIGH ON POT, but she is a bit hungry. This grass looks like it should be tasty. At least, Martha Stuart said it would be after demonstrating that Vodka based all natural pesticide. She decides to roam the neighborhood while in search of something more substantial to eat. She decide to cut out the screaming though, it's kinda hard to shout and eat at the same time.


    Of course, that eating got her a little bit parched. Might be a good time to nip into the Afternoon Tea.

    Looks like that vodka based pesticide that she started using really DOES have a kick! It also explains why the grass is blue.

    Suddenly, the major's voice become lower, swarthier, and more American than before. Inspired by his speech, she drinks all of the sweet ambrosia that is inside of his flask.

    BAC: .07 and rising quick!
    Shots left in bunny: 0
    Shots left on lawn: ???


    The world undergoes a massive shift! Ideas and ideologies seem to be baseless in a cruel and shifting universe. God is dead, but a new God takes his place swiftly and to little fanfare. There is a bad taste in Drinkie's mouth. It tastes like rapid change. It tastes like an unexplored horizon.

    Okay, it actually tastes like grass mixed with various types of liquor, but who's counting?

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    Number of people counting: 1
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    four shots of that thing you love omg i died a little.

    Also: Vark, this is Hidden Level, so I can do whatever the fuck I want.
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    He is also in her hair backwards.
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