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Discussion in 'The Arts' started by ectocal, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    Sure thing.

    Remind me after Triguy's panel if I forget to put you in the turn order.
  2. Tesseract

    Tesseract Regrets Choices Thus Far

  3. kaos

    kaos Currently doing Nanowrimo (<-Shame badge)

  4. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    All right.

    Hopefully I'll have my part up by tomorrow, so we can get moving right along and get to the next one all the sooner.
  5. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

  6. inexpediency

    inexpediency Ruler of this [CHAT]

    Reeeeally sorry it took so long!!

  7. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    Whose turn is it now because we need MAXIMUM OVER-COMIC!!!
  8. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    It's vark's, then yours, and that's all the turns left.

    Once vark does hers I'll post the turn order for the next one.
  9. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    You said to remind you that I also get a go :3
  10. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

  11. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    The suspense is killing me. Triguy, bring us home!

    And so we can get started as soon as we like after you do, I present the NEW TURN ORDER:
    PANEL 1: NotAPumpkin
    PANEL 2: Varkarrus
    PANEL 3: Siranae
    PANEL 4: gingerale
    PANEL 5: inexpediency
    PANEL 6: ectocal
    PANEL 7: kaos
    PANEL 8: Triangle Man
    PANEL 9: Tesseract

    Read it. Know it. Make it one with your life.
  12. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    This will take a while for me to figure out, but I should be able to do it in time.

    (Give me a few days is all...)
  13. Triangle Man

    Triangle Man Cautiously Optimistic

    I regret nothing

  14. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    Well, that was...unexpected. Good work, everyone! This was a great one, and I loved reading it.

    I updated the OP with rules that everyone already knows. And now that comic 2 is completed it's in the jambook.

    One rule I didn't put up, because it occurred to me just now, is when you take your turn, also post whoever's turn it is next. It's not a lot of effort and people sometimes forget the turn order when it's changing all the time. Let's try it and see where it gets us, eh?

  15. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    I said I'd post this right when I got home, and then made myself a liar by falling asleep.
    Oh well, here we go!

  16. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    Over a month late!
  17. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster



  18. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    ecto, you should let ginge go first, sira has vanished
  19. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    Probably. We should give her some time to reappear first, though.
  20. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

    I messaged her days ago on tumblr, no response

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