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I decided to write a chatfic to commemorate the "new" forum and I decided I should probably post it in here since it's an actual chatfic forum that I always forget about

Tesseract's POV

I woke up one morning, it was a Monday. I've never hated Mondays; I never understood why forumers do. I was forced to wake up early by my older brother Almost Human; he is training me to become a hero like he is. "TESS TIME TO WAKE UP! Your first day of training starts today!" My brother screamed to me from downstairs. I held my tentacle on my tentacle the horror of my skin and the terror of my beak making me think I was colorblind for a second but I quickly got up and went to the bathroom. My red eyes gleaming in the reflection of the morning sun beaming through my window. "Today is gonna be a great day isn't it?" I mumbled to myself as I brushed my teeth and started the day…

We started off by getting cats out of trees and forumers out of fires, the usual "saving the day" stuff, I did so well in fact that AH took me to the cooking thread for some ice cream.

"So, you like being a hero huh?" He asked me, looking down at his sundae. I wasn't paying attention to him; he had successfully bribed me with ice cream. This wasn't the first time he's done this but I nodded and continued to enjoy my treat. Just then I heard a forumer through the doors, mumbling to herself. Her lobster was red but it had claws going down each side of it. Her fur was a light white and she had grey eyes. Sol taught me to take note of a forumer on first sight, in case of an emergency, so I knew what they looked like. She sat at another table and held her head in her hands, crying.

"Hey…" I whispered to AH. "Do you know her?" He whispered back to me, pulling me by the tentacles of my chest up to his ear to hear him better.

"Yeah, I saved her from an assassin a while ago… I forget her name though…" He pulled me closer. "She's cute aint' she?" He teased. "Go ask her what's wrong." He told me and I got up and sat across from her, AH "hero sense" tingling, him flying out the doors to save the day.

"So, what's your name?" I asked, trying to get to know her.

"Fuck off…" She mumbled, covering her face.

"Well that's a nice name… Your parents must have hated you…" I replied, trying to get her attention on me for a sec. Instead she glared at me. "Why do you think I'm crying?" She replied, looking at me now. "My father is trying to kill me." My eyes widened and I nearly choked on my ice cream. "What's your name again?" I asked, now concerned.

"My name is Swari…" She replied back. Just then two forumers in grey and black body suits walked through the door, their faces covered by their helmets. I got a really bad vibe from them right away, they were NOT friendly…"What's your name?" She asked, me keeping my eyes on the two.

"My name is Tesseract…"


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You know that reminds me, what ever happened to that really dumb fanfic we were all writing about me going back to high school or something? Has anybody touched that thing in months?


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Amazing as always, Inex.

I should probably log that Dangan Ronpa fic here.

Dangan Ronpa: Super Hidden Level Despair Academy
Vark pointed at him. “That’s Ecto he’s the Super Hidden Level Politician. He is one of the youngest people to hold an office. An entire office. He lifted it five feet off the ground. I heard it was amazing.

“Aaaaaaaay” He said sticking his hands out and pointing them like guns.

“Aaaaaaaay” Xeno said.

“Aaaaaaaay” Triguy said. “Wait why did I say that?”



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The two sat down at another table, watching us. I read accross the taller ones helmet, pulling my gauntlet that I always keep in my tentacles. I had it especially made for me years ago before me and my brother encountered Siranae, which was the name written on his helmet. "My Father went Crazy... I watched him kill my mother, now he sends these guys after me. To kill me..." Swari told me, watching the two as well.

"You've been running all this time?" I asked her, slipping the gauntlet onto my tentacle. It was black, enough to blend in with my tentacles but it had grooves in it pointed to the front where my tentacle would stick out.

"Yes, its been hard... I don't usually tell anyone this but..." She watched me closely. "You don't seem like just anyone..." I chuckled at that and held my tentacle on my gauntlet, it heat sensitive to my body temperature and turning on, white lights appearing just under the grooves and glowing just under the clear surface. "What's that do?" One of them stood up as Swari asked, him pulling out a small feather and clicking the tip against the wall. The feather then turned into a spear, it about a meter long.

"Cover your ears and find out..." She did as I told her and I took aim with my gauntlet, it also motion sensative and opening up to reveal a red ball of energy neatly tucked inside, the grooves turning into points, held up by sound. "This is my Bad Rats gauntlet." I told her, the gauntlet firing at the assassin, sending him into the wall. He was screaming in pain from the shock as the other one readied his weapon, it also a spear that he lunged at me. I wraped my tentacle around it and held it close to my side, putting my other tentacle up to his chin. "Pulse..." The gauntlet read my command and sent a soundwave through my body and out my other tentacle, into his face. I then spun the spear and jabbed his chest with the back as he was pushed up into the air by the wave, reuniting him with his weary companion on the ground. "Now lets go..." I took her claw and lead her outside, calling the guards and giving them the coordinates to the cooking thread with the push of a button on my gauntlet.

"Why are you helping me?" She asked me, her voice shaky.

"I'm training to be a hero... Like my brother." I put my left tentacle on the ground, the one with the gauntlet. "I'll be your body guard until we arrest your father..." She took a sigh of relief. "Do you know where he could be?" I asked her as she started to think.

"Just over there..." She pointed to the tallest building around. "That's where he would be..."

I grunted at the building, starting to trot over to it. "Thats Siranae's HQ..." She followed.

"Do you know them?" She asked me, me getting a flashback of partly what happened.

Tesss POV

"NO LET HIM GO!" AH shouted, bleeding from his gut. We were on an island, a beach, the sky was dark, clouded by the smoke of a plane crash not too far from us. AH's gut had been badly cut by a blade, the same blade that was stabbed into my gauntlet, held by no other forumer but the deadly DMX herself. She had jabbed at me with it, me taking the hit directly to my forearm, my gauntlet sparking as the blade stuck out the other end of my arm, blood dripping down from it as I stared directly into her eyes. My glare was pure and so was hers. We were going to kill each other... She lifted me up by my arm with the knife, holding me up by my neck with the other.

"I like you... You refuse to die..." I spat on her cheek, I wasn't afraid to die... "I oughta teach you a lesson... One you will never forget..." She let go of my neck and spun, throwing me against the trunk of a nearby palm tree by the blade, leaving a hole where the blade used to be as I screamed in pain, tears falling from my eyes as I writhed in pain.

"I said... LEAVE HIM ALONE!" AH gathered all the energy he could and tackled DMX to the ground as I just stared at my wound, my gaze terrified.

As I walked to the building i took off my gauntlet, gazing back at my tentacle, seeing a large scar as i put it back on. "They were after me and my brother... We knew too much..."

"Oh..." Swari looked down. After a while of silence I stopped her from walking with my tentacle.

"We are here..." I gazed at the forum in fear and anxiety as my gauntlet scanned the forum. "There are 150 forumers inside... No father and..." My eyes widened. " DMX...

"Who is that?" She asked, looking at the building. I pushed her aside and took aim with my gauntlet, the red ball inside spinning faster and faster with each passing moment. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" She yelled at me as I fired upon the building. The windows shattered, pieces flew off and the building collapsed, a low humming sound being heard as one forumer leaped out the window and landed before the building fell completely, her black and red leather jacket flailing violently in the wind behind her as she fell, her black hair gleaming in the sun as she stared at me with her sharp dark red eyes.

"Hi Tesseract... It's been three years..."
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