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Discussion in 'Forum Questions & Answers' started by Almost Human, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    At the moment I'm going to assume it's because you still don't have full privileges, even if you started the thread. I think I know how to change that, but I no longer have access to such superpowers. Sorry! :(
  2. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    I checked, and there is nothing in the usergroup permissions that mentions changing thread topic names :c
  3. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Research to the rescue!

    Admin CP -> vBulletin Options -> Message Posting and Editing Options -> Time Limit on Editing of Thread Title

    Note that a value of 0 does not make it unlimited, but rather it makes it so users can never edit their thread titles. If you want it effectively unlimited then you need to set it to a huge number, like 999999999.

    If that doesn't work, someone mentioned this:
    Thread Tools -> Edit Thread

    Sorry, it's the best I can do without seeing it myself :)
  4. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

  5. inverted L-block

    inverted L-block Chucklefuck

  6. the hidden level doesnt seem to like logging in with ie7. i wouldnt be usig it, but the union lab computers only have ie for whatever revolting reason. actually the macs might have safari or something but that solution seems even more revolting to me
  7. He said fully erect

    He said fully erect /kill self

    For some reason, whenever I go to hiddenlevel.ca, even though I always check "log me in automatically", it doesn't log me in automatically. If I click any of the links to subforums or whatever, it'll log me in when those load though.
  8. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    I'll look into these log in issues first thing tomorrow morning, I promise :)
  9. inverted L-block

    inverted L-block Chucklefuck

    Do you clear your cache/cookies a lot?
    That signs you out.
  10. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    that happened to me, I just set it to go to hiddenlevel.ca/forum instead and it works
  11. Well I used to clear my cache/cookies a lot but uhh that didn't happen here. As soon as I logged in it instantaneously logged me out. It happened for me once for a few hours on the MSPAF once and after that I think I made a post responding to like 20 quotes. Herp.
  12. inverted L-block

    inverted L-block Chucklefuck

    That reply was actually for HSFE,
    for you i'm not too sure, Could always try to bring a USB with FF installed on it ;)
  13. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    DGC, does this sound like what's happening?

    "When the user logs in, the page shows the “Thank you for logging in” message, then refreshes, and the user is shown that he is not yet logged in. No error message is shown."

    I want to make sure before I start changing settings.
    Also is anyone else using explorer having issues?
  14. Yes, that is basically the problem I am having.

    And I'm not 100% sure it's IE's fault because my sample size is pretty small, but so far every time I have tried logging in with IE it has failed so I think it is.
  15. Bandages

    Bandages Dr. Stringz

    That's your problem right there

    You're using IE

    Not sure if switching to a superior browser will fix anything, but

    Come on
  16. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    I found a fix but it's not something I have access to, I'll send you the link Bandages.
  17. The computer I was on only had IE and I didnt have privileges to install a better browser and I felt like just bringing it up just in case some scrub wants to stick to his explorers
  18. Think AH mentioned they were getting this, but, if I visit a section of the forum like Sodom with unread posts, and either refresh, or come back to it later it automatically assumes I have read them, even if I haven't read those threads.
  19. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    Yeah It's a major pain in the ass, but I haven't found a fix yet.
    So far my best theory is that we are actually checking the forum with our mental powers, but aren't yet strong enough to absorb the information, so it's marked as read even though we physically haven't touched it.

    (but for reals I am on the lookout for a real cause and solution, I'll letcha know if I find one)
  20. Xenothral

    Xenothral Your Friendly Neighbourhood Space Captain

    I've noticed that when I go to log in every time, I have to fail logging in and get to the retry page for it to actually work, because when I don't do that, I get this: [​IMG]

    I have tried erasing both the User Name and Password fields and filling them out, though that still just assumes that it's the overlaid grey text and not my actual credentials.
    Not really a huge issue for me since I don't mind it, but it's just a thing I'd like to point out that happens with me.

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