[Avatar and Sig Thread] How others see you

Discussion in 'Sodom' started by Almost Human, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

  2. inexpediency

    inexpediency Ruler of this [CHAT]

    thanks to Swari for my new ninjatee avatar

    also for my latest sigquote I guess

  3. inverted L-block

    inverted L-block Chucklefuck

    That manatee looks like it has a sword dick
  4. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

  5. biggs hoson

    biggs hoson ghosts need love too

  6. Nopad

    Nopad Guest

  7. inexpediency

    inexpediency Ruler of this [CHAT]

    I demand that everyone change their avatar to one of those right now

    e: interestingly enough this returns a few of the same results
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  8. ky

    ky comfort eagle

    ima fake pokemon now
  9. Almost Human

    Almost Human Mightest of the Drunks Staff Member Bürgermeister

    You mean you're a pwetty widdle pokemon yes you are! Yes you are!
    Who's ready for their walkies? Who's all made up for walkies?
  10. Swari

    Swari Beepy Lobster Man

    Man I haven't changed my signature in forever.

    Quick somebody say something funny
  11. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

  12. Swari

    Swari Beepy Lobster Man

    Good enough
  13. Varkarrus

    Varkarrus I have class

  14. atomic

    atomic ⓛ̸ⓘ҉̀͝ⓣ̸҉ⓔⓡ͜ⓐ̸ⓛ͞ⓛ͡͏ⓨ ͏͡͠ ̀

  15. NotAPumpkin

    NotAPumpkin Game maker and tie breaker

    I haven't changed my avvie in such a long time....



    now everybody go play Ghost Trick
  16. Nopad

    Nopad Guest

  17. Maydame

    Maydame (ノಥಿ ೪ಥ)ノ*:・゚✧

  18. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    young colbert

    lookin sexay
  19. inexpediency

    inexpediency Ruler of this [CHAT]

    I need a new avatar somebody halp
  20. ectocal

    ectocal Hapster

    It's hard to find manatee pictures you haven't used yet

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